Business "We are becoming barren, arid province!" - The Daily...

“We are becoming barren, arid province!” – The Daily Standard

According to Frank Lammers, known as the wimpy family man from the Jumbo advertisements, North Brabant is going to become a barren and dry province now that a new coalition is in power, including Forum for Democracy. If the people of Brabant do not intervene now, the right-wing government will abolish all museums and festivals! Or the like.

Yes! Democracy spoke last year and helped the right-wing parties (CDA, VVD, FVD, Lokaal Brabant) in the province of Noord-Brabant to a majority. It is then only logical and democratic that they will also form the board, and that is a fact a little more than a year later. But democracy is only a flawed system, if it is up to wronged left-wing BNs, if you can also push through your political sense based on your fame.

The latter is currently being attempted by Frank Lammers, who has many half-baked NPO production and a whole series of TV commercial for supermarket chain Jumbo on his CV. He is not happy at all with the new provincial government, which also contains two Forum for Democracy representatives, the actor says. Because thanks to them, the province will become arid and dry. In fact, if the people of Brabant do not immediately demand that change occur, then “our museums, our theater companies, our festivals and so on will disappear.” Right yes. Because they all run solely on the province.

But Lammers goes further: by abolishing that “second necessity of life”, North Brabant will no longer be able to distinguish itself from the monkeys, he says.

So it should be clear: Frank Lammers has also joined the caste of dram BN’ers, of which Freek de Jonge and Sander Schimmelpenninck have been honorary members for years. Congratulations!

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