“We are no longer 17 years old”: Keti Topuria frankly about relations with her husband

Topuria rarely shares the details of her relationship with Dengov. True, in the last interview, Keti nevertheless decided on revelations, talking about the atmosphere in the family.

“I know from experience that the seventh year is difficult. Of course, every year the attitude towards each other changes, but in the third year the final grinding takes place, when you have already finally met. It all happened quickly for us at the beginning: as we balanced with my husband in the first year, we are sailing.

Relationships are such a job when two people understand where they are going. They understand that they have a common goal – a family. On the one hand, this may not be very good, but on the other hand, it is good when there is experience of a previous marriage behind you. In this case, you already look at many things differently. Where you could flare up before, now you close your eyes to what is happening, ”the 35-year-old performer is sure.

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