"We are not at war with Loeb"

Sébastien Ogier-Julien Ingrassia's M-Sport Ford took the victory on November 18th in Coffs Harbor (Australia). REUS JANUS / RED BULL CONTENT POOL

In the highly collaborative premises of the Red Bull headquarters in Paris, among the fake industrial stools and the brand new table football, Sebastien Ogier, six-time world rally champion (WRC), looks back at his last world champion title. acquired at the last rally on November 18 in Australia. From his next cohabitation with Sébastien Loeb in Citröen to fatherhood through the electric car, the 34-year-old pilot confides The world.

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The most contested season in twenty years

"From a sporting point of view, 2018 was an exceptional season, the most challenged in twenty years." The fans appreciated. " Until the last special stage of the last rally in Australia on November 18th, three drivers could claim the title: leader Sébastien Ogier; Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) 3 points late (201 against 204 in French); and Ott Tanak (Toyota).

The end of the adventure of M-Sport Ford

"The human adventure I had with M-Sport was very special, I know I'll have trouble finding the equivalent."

When in December 2016, Volkswagen surprised everyone by announcing its withdrawal from the WRC, collateral damage to the Diesel Gate (the German-equipped engine scandal reduced carbon emissions), "It was complicated!"

He then found a badminton in a small private barn, the M-Sport, the last in the standings but worn by the founder Malcolm Wilson. "A leader like him, there are not two, I will miss him, I am aware of it."

Yet M-Sport understands his departure. "They are the first to regret not having more support from Ford. Above all because we have just brought them two titles, which they had never had before, and which perhaps they had too easily. "

The big loser would not be M-Sport but Ford "I think so, in any case, I will do everything to make them regret [en 2019] since my goal is to win with my new team [Citroën]. "

Close the cycle with Citroën

Despite the poor results of Citroën, last in the manufacturer's classification, Sebastien Ogier – who negotiates his contracts alone – signed for 2019 and 2020.

"The new direction [Pierre Budar, directeur de Citroën Racing depuis janvier] you convinced me. He is a pragmatic man. "

At the top of the discussion, the technical qualities of the team and the pleasure of recreating "A 100% French team History of cycle closure". And to find the team for which he led (2009-2011), with Sébastien Loeb, as teammate and rival.

"We do not compare Messi and Pelé"

On the podium of the Rally of Spain, in Salou on October 28th, the crews Sebastien Loeb-Daniel Elena (1st), Sebastien Ogier-Julien Ingrassia (2nd) and the British Elfyn Evans-Dan Barritt (3rd). JJANUS REE / RED BULL CONTENT POOL

"I'm the press and the people who need this rivalry." At the end of 2011, however, rivalry is real. Each "Seb" has five wins on the clock, but Citroën favors the Alsatian at the expense of the Gapençais.

Sébastien Ogier no longer admits it. "I was given the image of an arrogant young man, because I was not afraid to attack a legend, which is more French".

The disobedience that costs him his place in Citroën. It will successfully rebound to Volkswagen. But in the future it will reject all the stable instructions, by contract.

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Seven years later, on 28 October, Sébastien Loeb made an unlikely return to victory in Catalonia and is expected to continue to play two-three rallies in 2019.

" Why do we want to oppose? It's like comparing Pelé and Messi. [soupirs] Yes, we were rivals on the ground. And this year we had the chance to have a good fuck. But we are not at war at all. "We are no longer in the same race, come back for pleasure, without pressure, we are right in our career."

But promised, this time the priority will be given to Sebastien Ogier, says Pierre Budar to the World.

The stakes of 2019

Win a 7is title with a 3is stable would be unprecedented. "It's not won! Above all with Toyota, clearly a tone above in the second part of the season."

Toyota debut, his future team-mate, the Finnish Esapekka Lappi, has already started the tests on the C3 WRC in Portugal. Sébastien Ogier joined him until December 19 and the family truce.

"Being a dad has changed my life, which has allowed me to put my priorities in perspective … Previously, the rally has occupied a total place in my life." Today, Kim [son fils] isIt has become my priority. "

Manage privacy and social networks

"Social networks are hyper-fluent, but the truth is that I'm not super-involved, I do not really like sharing my private life, I occasionally show up because I know my fans appreciate it. "

As in 2014, when he married Andrea Kaiser, a very popular television journalist in Germany. They will post more photos of Kim, born June 13, 2016. "I do not want Kim to focus on motor sports, I know the difficulties, the risks." Whatever you want to do, " I will teach him that nothing happens easily and that he will have to fight. "

At the end of the second day of the 2018 final rally, on 17 November at Coffs Harbor (Australia), six riders will be conducted in 17 seconds, including Sébastien Ogier. JANUS REE / RED BULL CONTENT POOL

The victory of Canal +

Canal + has also struggled to acquire the rights to broadcast WRC 2019. What makes the happiness of Red Bull, but not Sébastien Ogier. "Canal has a motivated team, which will do a good job, but I still have a reluctance to see that the fans have to pay to follow their favorite sport."

Protect the planet

"The cliché is to say that since we are a pilot, we have nothing "cum" of the environment This is wrong! In my everyday life, I try to protect our beautiful planet. "You are one of the polluters, but not the biggest, still has a place in our society."

On the other hand, "The electric is not the future, it's incredible that we can take a direction [le tout électrique] so radical, while we know that it is complicated to recycle the batteries and extract rare metals [nécessaires] it is very polluting. "

Towards the hybrid rally

"The rally is a little late, I am the first to try to push our management bodies [vers la transition énergétique]. " "The hybrid could very well be used for rallying." Citroën also developed the first hybrid rally car a few years ago. "It's not easy to set up, but it's not impossible, it's about envy."

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