“We are not going to lend ourselves to a tongo”: they suspend a special session on lithium after the withdrawal of the opposition from the Chamber

During the afternoon of this Wednesday, a special session that was scheduled in the Chamber of Deputies to discuss the lithium tender had to be suspended.

This after the opposition deputies decided to withdraw from the Chamber because of the delay of the biminister Juan Carlos Jobet in attending the instance and because today it was announced that the tender had already been awarded to two companies.

Deputy Raúl Soto (PPD) declared that “an armed robbery is being carried out against Chileans (…) and we are not going to lend ourselves to a tongo”, thus informing that they were leaving the Chamber.

Later, at a press point, deputy Soto stated that “the Minister of Energy arrives an hour late for this session to tell us what we already learned from the press, that this has already been adjudicated. It’s unpresentable, “he added.

“We do not rule out any action, but for now what we have defined is to advance in the judicial process (…) we will oppose this to continue advancing,” he emphasized.

Along these lines, he stressed that “we are here, today, united by all the opposition to tell the country that we are going to defend lithium.”

DC Senator Yasna Provoste, after the suspension of the special session, pointed out, through Twitter, that “they did not listen to the President-elect or his team. They did not listen to the Senate or the House. Less to the communities ”.

“Simply the lithium business was stronger. They even advanced the decision. @sebastianpinera and the minister @JCJobet say goodbye to the government showing what they are worth, “he added.

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He also remarked: “What interest can the State have and 2 awarded companies that paid 60 million dollars each without defining a place where there is lithium to exploit?”

“This opaque tender only puts barriers to a National Lithium Company and its contribution to the development of Chile,” he concluded.

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