“We are not going to let Boric pass any”

The elected representative of the Republican Party, Christian Araya, maintained that the new bench that will integrate the Congress as of March will be a “firm opposition” to the government of Gabriel Boric and that they will not let himspend none”.

In interview with Third, the future parliamentarian commented that the issue of security will be one of the hallmarks of his legislative work, where he will work “strongly, fighting crime and supporting the police. I am going to be in the street, supporting our carabineros so that they feel the political backing of the authorities.”

In the political field, Araya assured that the party will be “a firm opposition against the government of Gabriel Boric. From the team we have a firm position, with a lot of ground, organizing civil society. We are not going to let Boric pass any”.

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Regarding the composition of the bench, the former councilor indicated that it is currently made up of (elected) Republican deputies, but also by the now independent Johannes Kaiser and Gonzalo De la Carrera and Leonidas Romero, who resigned from the party at the end of 2021 after being elected as parliamentarians.

“Due to different circumstances, these decisions were made, but today the Republican caucus is cohesive, clear and will be able to work as a team. We are going to have very small differences and we will act very disciplined”, he assured.

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“So rather than being worried about any situation like that, the ones who are going to have to be worried are the new government, because they are going to finally have a firm opposition, which will not shake your hand to be able to face it, “he added.

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“Opposition beyond Republicans-Chile Let’s Go”

On the other hand, Araya was asked how the party will act together with Chile We Can More (ex Chile Vamos) in the future opposition without being part of the same coalition.

Chile Let’s go and the Republican Party they are two different projects, with different identities. We will work in coordination, but respecting the differences of both projects”, he replied.

In this sense, Araya affirmed that “the great challenge is to build a broad opposition, which can even go beyond Republicans-Chile Vamos. We have the People’s Party and certain sectors of the DC to achieve a common front in terms of opposition. For now, informal conversations are being held with some parliamentarians from the PDG, but nothing as a bench.”

Faced with the government of the PC and the FA, obviously we are going to have very similar positions in many matters. We have much more in common with the PDG than the PDG can have with the PC. I believe that the Republican Party will be one of the axes of the opposition, who will more firmly confront the government of the Communist Party and the Broad Front. The most diligent and overseer of the new government”, he sentenced.

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