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As reported, on November 17 and 19, representatives of the International Hockey Federation (IIHF) attended the Beijing Kunlun Red Star matches of the KHL Club in preparation for the decision on Beijing olympics the participation of the national hockey team of the host country in the most important competitions of the four years. There have been recent discussions that the Chinese national team will not be strong enough to start the Olympic Games in February 2022, so Norway, which is ranked 11th in the world, should be invited instead. The IIHF decision will be taken next week.

“We are definitely not worse than Norway, Denmark or Latvia. We are equal to these countries,” says the head coach of the Chinese national team. Ivano Dzanata and points out that the Kunlun Red Star hockey players he trained for the IIHF “proved their character and ability to participate in their Olympics”.

[Vīriešu pasaules ranga vietas: 10. Latvija, 11. Norvēģija, 12. Dānija, 32. Ķīna.]

The KHL Chinese Club was also formed to prepare players for the Chinese national hockey team to participate in the Beijing Olympics. Extensive work was done to find Chinese-born players in North America and elsewhere. KHL’s Chinese team is now made up of foreign-born hockey players (many of Chinese descent) and Chinese-born players. Kunlun Red Star is currently in the penultimate place in the KHL tournament table.

Canadian-born Ivano Dzanata once represented the Italian national team at the Olympics. “It was quite easy for me to survive in the Italian national team. For the most part, we built defensive bastions and held solid defenses – that’s the way it should be,” the 61-year-old coach now reports. “Let’s assume we’re playing against Canada and the United States. We’re just looking to be able to compete and keep up.”

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