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“We are the only ones who can prevent them from coming back”

The interim president of Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, celebrated the ban on Evo Morales’ candidacy for senator stating that the decision was made “with the law in hand, without violence and without confrontations.” Áñez, who aspires to continue in the presidency after the October 18 elections, reacted on Twitter claiming that the Movement to Socialism (MAS) was stopped “twice.” “We are the only ones who can prevent them from returning and Evo Morales from going unpunished because we respect the law and we love democracy, “he said.

Morales, for his part, described the court’s decision to disqualify him as “illegal and unconstitutional” although he promised to abide by the order. “History shows that they will be able to disable Evo but they will not be able to outlaw the people,” he warned.

The Departmental Court of Justice of La Paz rejected an appeal for amparo filed by the defense of the former president and ratified his disqualification to run for a seat in the Senate in the general elections of next October 18.

In this way, the court signed the resolution to disqualify him that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) had adopted last February because Morales does not meet the legal requirement of residence in the country in the two years immediately prior to the elections.

Morales has lived in Argentina since last November, after being forced to resign as president after being pressured by the Army and denouncing a coup. In last year’s general elections, he was reelected but there were allegations of fraud.

“Did Carlos Mesa ever stop the MAS?” Asked the de facto president, referring to the former president, who is also running as a candidate in the elections.

Mesa also celebrated the annulment of Morales’ candidacy and applauded that the TSE criteria be given validity. “The only instance with the legitimacy to decide on electoral issues,” he said.

The campaign was started

With this scenario in the background, last Sunday the electoral campaign formally began, adapted to the times of the coronavirus pandemic, with events through the Internet and caravans of vehicles in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

The presidential candidate of MAS, Luis Arce, heads the voting intention polls, although without sufficient margin to establishI know in the first round, and behind him Áñez and Mesa have good chances.

Meanwhile, the European Union (EU), announced that it will deploy a enhanced mission for election observation. “The organization of legitimate and credible elections is of the utmost importance for the Bolivian people, who are willing to reaffirm their commitment to democratic values ​​and restore the necessary stability of the country,” the high representative of the bloc for Foreign Policy said in a statement. , Josep Borrell.

The mission will be made up of five or six experts who will be in charge of carrying out a comprehensive and comprehensive analysis of the electoral process and then issuing a report.

The general elections were scheduled for May 3, for which the EU had already announced the deployment of a mission, but they were postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, first to September 6 and now to October 18.


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