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We can start the year with Pablo Iglesias for paternity leave. Before leaving for a holiday, he greeted his colleagues and Irene Montero will return on January 9, based on the breakdown of 50% of maternity who have agreed to have twins, born in June prematurely. The party faces the challenge of maintaining its electoral niche without its leader after the emergence of two parties threatening to move the political axis. It is not just citizens, but the Vox boom in Andalusia has moved the debate from left to right.

We can look not to fall into irrelevance like a cross of Pedro Sánchez after sealing a pre-agreement for general state budgets, but at the same time sees a left front more essential than ever before to build what Iglesias called " "Anti-Fascist" warning "These are the four main challenges of the game for this 2019.

Complete the budgets

They will not approve them without a new decree to curb the rental price

"If they do not comply, they will not be able to count on our votes to execute their decrees. Pacta sunt servanda (What has been agreed upon) "With this message on Twitter, Iglesias replied last Saturday the traditional year budget of Sánchez, we might not want your budget support to be guaranteed, in fact, the spokesperson of the Municipalities, Lucia Martín, approved on Wednesday his support for the drafting of a new royal decree to limit rental prices due to possible new amendments by the PP or the CS. The slogan in the coming months is to increase the pressure in Sanchez every time his government does not respect, a way to affirm its role in a future coalition government – that the churches aspire to when there are generals.

Braking the extreme right

Errejón is in favor of rescuing the Spanish flag in the countryside

Before the Vox boom, Podem's prescription is more united than ever in the left to stop the extreme right by showing the "patriotism of things to eat", that is, with social policies. Iglesias believes that the window of opportunity of the "populist moment" should be closed, as it defines the context in which we could have the potential to be the first force, a situation now excluded. Landing in the government is only going with the coalitions in the May municipal and regional elections. His former number two and now a candidate for the Community of Madrid, Íñigo Errejón, is in favor of another recipe: to save the Spanish flag because it is not a symbol of the right. He wants you not to tie him in any way with independence.

Reediting confluences

The commitment has already closed the door to add and yes guarantees UI

We can and IU do not intend to go separately to the next generals. The commitment, however, has closed the door for doing so in the country of Valencia. They believe that the sum is not multiplied, as happened with the pact with the IU in 2016.

Mobilize the electorate

Only 12% of registered voters voted for the last primaries

In short, the main challenge of Podem is to intensify militancy. In the last primary, to re-elect the general candidates in Iglesias, only 12% of registered participants participated and the party's mobilizations have decreased in recent months. After being a father, the Podem leader admits that he has changed their priorities and that politics will only be a "period" of their lives, a "pause".


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