We can open the door to go on your own for Sumar: "Votes must be negotiated and are never given away."

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The final version of the political document that will mark the future of Podemos includes a direct warning to Sumar: the votes of its representatives in the institutions “must be negotiated and never given away.” In this way, the training household It definitively opens the door to going it alone during the legislature despite having participated in a coalition with the platform of Yolanda Díaz with which she also shares a parliamentary group in the Congress of Deputies.

In this new strategy – which is put to a vote by the bases between this Thursday and Friday – to try to reinforce its leadership in the space to the left of the PSOE, Ione Belarra’s team also proposes that it will be an “autonomous force with a voice own” and that “it will always have its roadmap, its program, its management bodies and its decision-making mechanisms led by the militancy and the registered members.” “In no case will it be dissolved into another party,” he warns.

The first version of this political document already included a mechanism to prevent Podemos leaders and affiliates from landing in Sumar and helping Díaz grow his project at his expense, that of prohibiting “double militancy.” In its final wording, a further step has been taken by incorporating the express reference that his original brand will never be diluted under other acronyms.

Furthermore, the consideration has been added that Irene Montero is “an international reference” for feminism, which is why, he adds, “she should continue to lead the Ministry of Equality to continue the transformations and take them further.” However, given the most likely scenario that he ends up being left out of the new bicolor Government, he adds that “he must continue to have visibility and a fundamental role” in the political activity of Podemos, which would open the possibility of him leading a solo candidacy. to the European elections next year.

What is maintained in the document is the demand for the “political autonomy” of the formation household “without giving up” being “in any space”, a statement that can be interpreted both at the level of confluence in the face of new appointments with the polls and also a ruling out of leaving the confederal parliamentary group. Furthermore, he highlights the vocation to be part of electoral unity agreements, but conditional on the preparation of the lists, unlike those of 23-J, being done through open primaries and without vetoes.

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