We can rearm ourselves against Sumar: "We have stopped the operation in its tracks to replace ourselves with a servile left"

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The Podemos militancy has supported by a large majority the new strategy to reinforce its “autonomy”, the “strengthening as an organization” and lay the foundations for future coalitions so that “the lists are configured through primaries and without vetoes” like the one left out of the candidacy Add the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero. In this way the party purple tries to rearm itself against the platform with which they attended the general elections in the heat of the fight for the distribution of portfolios in the face of the foreseeable reissue of a two-color Government with the PSOE.

“Thank you to all of you who have seen clearly that we had to stop dead the operation that has been underway for the last two years, which had the objective of replacing us with a left subservient to the regime,” the general secretary of the formation congratulated herself this Saturday, Ione Belarra, at an event held at the Fernando de Rojas Theater in Madrid in implicit criticism of Yolanda Díaz. “They don’t fear us for what we have done, but for everything we have left to do,” she added.

86.5% of the 30,883 registered voters who participated in the consultation have endorsed with their vote the approval of the political document that culminates the “organizational strengthening process” undertaken in the month of September to “recover a strong Podemos” and with “the ability to set the direction of the State” to “take democratic, feminist and environmental transformations further than anyone ever before.”

In an intervention full of references to Díaz, Belarra has hinted that Sumar will not have the capacity to influence the foreseeable reissue of the coalition that has been at the head of La Moncloa for the last four years. “The PSOE is completely determined that only the PSOE is in charge in the Government, doing and undoing as it pleases. In addition to being a profound political error, it is enormously irresponsible,” warned the leader of the purples.

Also very critical of the second vice president was Montero, who closed the event by assuring that they are not going to leave “despite the enormous political price” that they want to “make them pay” for the transformations they promoted during the last legislature: “Now they want that this coalition government [en el que estaba Unidas Podemos] be an anecdote, now they want to tell us that it was possible before but that it is no longer possible, that our path of transformation is over.

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