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Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee, April 25, 2019. – Michel Euler / AP / SIPA

  • Faced with more than 300 journalists gathered at the Elysee, Emmanuel Macron took stock of the measures planned after the great national debate.
  • He also defended his record, the planned reforms and some of his past statements.
  • Job creation, working time of the French, polemical short sentences … 20 Minutes verified some of his remarks.

Job creation, working time of the French compared to their European neighbors, polemical short sentences … We take stock of the various statements of Emmanuel Macron during his
post-major debate press conference.

What Emmanuel Macron said: “The cost of an Ehpad varies between 1,800 and 2,000 euros per month”
Is it right?

To illustrate the costs of dependency of seniors on new (or future) pensioners, the President of the Republic has cited the cost of accommodation in Ehpad (accommodation for dependent elderly).

The figures he has put forward are rather accurate: according to the latest study by the National Solidarity Fund for Independence (Cnsa) in 2016, the median cost of an Ehpad in France is 1,949 euros per month. With an important precision: it is lower than 1.653 euros for 10% of the Ehpad, and greater than 2. 798 euros for 10% elsewhere.

The magazine 60 Million consumers noted last June, however, that the median price is 2,445 euros, with a difference of more than 800 euros between public and private institutions.

The question of the cost of a place in Ehpad also arose the day before the debate of party leaders on the LCI channel, the first secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, referring – wrongly – a ticket to 3,000 euros.

What Emmanuel Macron said: “The first results are there: we have created jobs, more than 500,000 in the first two years”
Is it right?

How many jobs have been created in France since the election of Emmanuel Macron in May 2017? For the year 2017, INSEE has 338,000 (an increase of 1.2% compared to the year before). The figure is half that in 2018, with
149,600 jobs created, according to the latest figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies. In total 487,000 jobs created in two years, below the “more than 500,000” mentioned by Emmanuel Macron …

Above all, job creations have therefore slowed down considerably since he came to power, as Libération recently noted. Especially since some of the jobs created in 2017 is to credit to his predecessor, François Hollande.

What Emmanuel Macron said: “France works much less than its neighbors”
Is it right?

Do the French work less than the British, Italians or Spaniards? This is repeated by Emmanuel Macron several times, especially against the journalist Laurence Ferrari who disputed these figures.

As she pointed out, the French work an average of 36.3 hours per week, placing them in third place in the European rankings, just behind Spain and the United Kingdom, according to 2016 Eurostat figures .

The head of state has however maintained his point by providing a clarification: “(The figures) of working time in relation to life and the year are without appeal. Compared to the year, the figures seem, at first glance, to confirm his statement: a Frenchman works on average 630 hours per year against 722 for a German – as the journalist pointed out François Lenglet on TF1 a few days ago.

But comparing these data across countries, not for the people, but for the people who work, the results are very different. As we explained to you on Wednesday at
20 minutes, the French work 1,514 hours on average per year, in front of the Germans and on par with the British. Far, in any case, to be lagging behind their European neighbors.

What Emmanuel Macron said: “This young horticulturist who told me” I am ready to take a job in the hotel business “, I told him” on the other side of the street they recruit “
Is it right?

During his exchange with the press, Emmanuel Macron lamented that the sentences or formulas critical of the French have been diverted or taken out of context, especially by their resumption on social networks.

He notably returned to his highly publicized meeting last September, on the occasion of Heritage Days, with Jonathan Jahan, a young unemployed man who had questioned him about his difficulty in finding work. Emmanuel Macron asserts that his advice to cross the street to find a job was criticized wrongly because the young horticulturist had said he was ready to work in the hotel industry.

But this version is actually quite far from the reality of their exchange, as can be seen on the video available from our colleagues at LCI, transcribed below. It is Emmanuel Macron who launches his interlocutor on the trail of the hotel, while the latter has told him he was looking for a job in horticulture.

Jonathan Jahan: I am 25 years old and there is nothing for me
Emmanuel Macron: But wait, I can not take care of everyone but I give solutions so that everyone can find. Are you registered at Pôle Emploi?
NOT A WORD : Yeah. There is nothing, I can send CVs, cover letters, nothing.
E.M: Do you want to work in which sector?
NOT A WORD : Basic, I am horticultural.
E.M: But if you are ready and motivated, I mean … In the hotel business, coffee, catering, in the building, there is not a place where I go where he does not tell me that they are looking for people. Not one ! (…) There are trades that require special skills but there are lots of trades, it's also … Must go! Honestly, hotel, cafe, restaurant, I cross the street, I find you. They just want people who are willing to work.
NOT A WORD : Me personally it's no problem.




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