We confused the conclusion with the exhibition. Unsuccessful, coach Slavia Trpišovský was lazy after winning over the newcomer

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

“Like a week ago at Bohemka,” he reminded that this was not the first time that his players had exaggerated with a desire to turn a match into a football show.

“Hradec is a very unpleasant opponent, whom I do not take as a league newcomer at all. It’s hard to play against him, he’s a well-organized team, coach Koubek has done a lot of work there, “he summed up the progress that the” slaves “made on the league scene during the nine autumn rounds and thanks to which they have already collected a dozen points.

Slavia Prague coach Jindřich Trpišovský during the match with Hradec Králové.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

“Quite a decent profit, so I have no reason to complain, let alone blame my team. Of course, a four-goal defeat is unpleasant, but we in Eden certainly didn’t make an embarrassing impression, let alone resign, even for a minute. There was simply a difference in the quality of both teams, “the doyen between the league coaches Koubek seemed as if another beating during his autumn visit to Prague did not upset him at all.

Hradec Králové coach Miroslav Koubek during the match at Slavia.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

At Letná, his team lost in the 5th round with Sparta 0: 4, this time in Eden with Slavia 1: 4.

“We are not enough for Slavia, Sparta and the teams playing Cup Europe in general, so we lost to them, but we have for the others. As a rule, when fifty percent of the players in our staff have no experience with the league. We learn on the march, every match similar to Slavia is a training lesson for my team, during which we learn a lot and learn a lot of new experiences from it, “the East Bohemian coach took the beating in Eden with a smile and foresight.

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“In addition, we calmed Slavia ourselves and offered her to start,” he recalled the unfortunate start of the match, when in the 7th minute the unattended goalkeeper Fendrich Ševčík’s center fell out of his hands and Kuchta scored comfortably.

Hradec Králové goalkeeper Vilém Fendrich during the match at Slavia.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

“A quick goal really helped us. We played well, we had a lot of chances that we didn’t give, so it was Samko’s goal to calm down before the break. But Hradec previously had several promising options, “Trpišovský agreed.

Until the second half, the unfortunate unfortunate Fendrich did not stand between the sticks, but Koubek refused to substitute him for the last goal.

“He already had problems with his knee in a previous encounter with Pardubice, but he, as well as the doctors and the coach of the goalkeepers, assured me that he was fine and could catch Slavia. However, his injuries were renewed, “the Hradec Králové coach explained the rosada in the gate.


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