"We do not have an answer to the United States": the nuclear "dead hand" of Russia has been declared useless


The Russian automatic control system for the "Perimeter" mass nuclear attack (better known in the West as Dead Hand – "Dead Hand"), if necessary, can use only a limited number of missiles.

According to Lenta.ru, this was affirmed by the former Head of the General Staff of Missile Strategic Forces, Colonel General Viktor Esin, who at the start of the 1990s participated in negotiations with the United States on the reduction of nuclear weapons.

According to him, the "Dead Hand" system, even if it works, but "when it will work, we will have little money left – we can launch only those missiles that will survive the first attack of the enemy".

Yesin is sure that if the United States deploys medium-range ballistic missiles in Europe, the Americans "will be able to defeat most of the missile resources deployed in the European part of Russia and intercept those remaining on the flight path using the defense system missile.

"Frankly, we do not yet have an effective response to medium-range US missiles in Europe," Yesin admitted, stating that, in the event of a threat to Russia, it is necessary to strike first.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the possibility of a nuclear war against the United States is seriously discussed in Russia. So, on the eve of the local expert gave a forecast, as will pass the first phase of the new large-scale war.

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