We don’t feel like an outsider of the league, said Hradec Králové coach Koubek before the season

Although the footballers of Hradec Králové are, according to betting offices, the biggest outsider of the first league and the main adept for the relegation, according to coach Miroslav Koubek, they do not feel that way. The only newcomer to the highest competition does not only aim for rescue, he wants to play a dignified role among the elite. Due to the unsatisfactory stadium, “Votroci” will play home matches in asylum in Mladá Boleslav.

Hradec returned to the highest competition after four seasons as the winner of last year’s second league, which was the only one to pass into the elite. “We don’t have a vision as our only goal to save ourselves. We have a vision to play a dignified role with Hradec in the highest competition. We don’t think that only rescue is our goal. We don’t want to think about this.” Koubek said at a press conference before the season, who replaced coach Zdenek Frťala on the “Votrok” bench after last year.

In the summer training, Hradec won all five matches. “Specific location? We don’t want to think like that either. To fit into the role of an outsider, we don’t feel that way. That’s what bookmakers do for us.” added a 69-year-old coach who won the league title with Pilsen in 2015.

Hradec, like another East Bohemian participant in the first league of Pardubice, will play home matches in another city due to an unsatisfactory stadium. “Votroci” found asylum in Mladá Boleslav, where they worked briefly in the 2016/17 season, in which they then left the highest competition.

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“If you don’t have an arena and thousand-headed crowds behind you, it’s definitely a handicap. The home audience is a big doping,” Koubek said. “Personally, I’ve already experienced it there and it was no limit for us. In the end, we made more points there than when we came back here. We played well there and I think a lot of people will come to support us. I believe they will drive us. and there, “ added Captain Adam Vlkanova.

The Czechs are happy that the construction of a new stadium will begin soon. “The handover of the construction site is to take place at the beginning of August. The preparatory work is going as planned. Everything is on track as it should be,” said the sports director of the club Jiří Sabou.

The “slaves” did not change the second league staff much during the summer break. The goalkeeper Vilém Fendrich, the defenders Jakub Klíma and Štěpán Harazim, the midfielder Jakub Rezek and the forward Filip Kubala came. “I’m happy with the form of the staff. The players we wanted came. We didn’t want to panic and hastily rebuild the staff we’ve been building here for three years. In my eyes, it has strength, and the guys who dug it out deserve to play. “The five players have even more strength. These players have league experience and will definitely be a benefit. Of course, only the league itself will show strength.” said Sabou.

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