“We don’t have enough”, that’s how much 1 kg will cost us – Libero Quotidiano

The alarm rises in pasta factories, where there is an unprecedented shortage. Even a scenario is described so catastrophic as to have no precedent, even if it goes back to the tragic and dramatic periods of war. According to forecasts, at the beginning of 2022 the wheat will not be enough for production. The alarm came directly from Giuseppe Ferro, CEO of La Molisana, which is the third Italian pasta factory by value.

In an interview with The sun 24 hours, Ferro declared that “between March and May we will not have enough wheat to make pasta”. The heart of the problem is to be found in Canada, because the CEO of La Molisana explained it himself: “Canada is by far the first producer in the world of durum wheat and this year it produced 3.5 million tons instead of the usual 6.5“. This would have already triggered an “arms” race, or grain hoarding.

Not even during the war – noted Giuseppe Ferro – so much grain was missing. The point is that wheat can be stored for a year or even two, but semolina only lasts a month ”. This will also have repercussions on prices: the increase will fall on everyone, from millers to consumers. “I know that Lidl – said the CEO – has already increased the price of pasta by 10 cents and I expect that well before Christmas everyone will expect increases of between 15 and 20 cents per package”.

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