“We eat it all the time!”: why we love arrosticini on our plate in summer (video)

The Arrosticini have been popular for several summers with us. These little lamb skewers come from Abbruzzo, Italy. They have invaded supermarket shelves. And restaurants have even specialized in their cooking…

At Marcinelle, an Italian supermarket, three deliveries of 100 boxes of 100 skewers are made each week. “We don’t have a lot of places. If we had any, we would still fill the freezers”, says an employee. A success that pays off: each of these boxes sells for €35 each and 70 barbecues are also sold each week to cook the meat.

But why have these arrosticini become indispensable in summer? Fabrizia and Alphonse love these little Italian skewers. “We eat it all the time!”, Fabrizia affirms. “It’s easy, family, when we have guests at home, that’s what we go out first, or even when we’re just two.”

Specialty restaurant

Arrosticini are so popular that restaurants mainly sell them. In her restaurant restaurant in Monceau-sur-Sambre, Theresa has made small lamb skewers her specialty. She opened her establishment 9 years ago. To face the increasingly tough competition, only one weapon: quality. “We buy the lamb that we debone, cut and thread ourselves. There is no frozen, and being cooked over a wood fire makes all the difference in cooking.” No secret recipe then… Just salt and pepper. And it hits! “It’s friendly, it’s light to eat with a salad, it’s summery”, rejoices Martine, a customer of the restaurant. Every weekend Teresa serves more than 1000 skewers to her customers… they are sold for 2 euros/piece.

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