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The tax administration’s preliminary calculations show that 2.7 million have paid too much tax.

They get back a total of NOK 32.4 billion.

Here you can check the tax return

Check the numbers carefully

These are only preliminary figures. The real numbers only come when everyone has checked and changed the tax return.

– If you do not deliver the tax return, but let it be delivered automatically by the deadline, you will receive the tax settlement no earlier than June, explains tax director Nina Schanke Funnemark.

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– Remember to check that the information is correct. Fill in what is missing, so that you pay the right tax, encourages tax director Nina Schanke Funnemark.

Five million have received the tax return from March 16 to April 7. Not everyone has opened it.

Do you find it difficult to check the figures the Tax Administration has entered? The simplest solution is to use the deduction guide.

– It is ingenious and simple. You do not need to know everything about your finances and all the deductions you have not received. The deduction guide tells you which deductions are suitable, and it only takes a minute, says MSc Siw Slevigen.

The faster you open the tax return and check, the faster you can get money into your account.

Residual tax record?

In recent years, approximately 800,000 Norwegians have paid arrears of tax.

This time it’s over a million.

They currently owe NOK 24.3 billion. The reason is probably the corona situation.

  • Record low mortgage rates met us in early 2020.
  • This means less interest payments than your tax card is based on.
  • In addition, many have been a lot in the home office.

– Lower interest rates and fewer travel days have probably given backlash to quite a few, says Rolf Lothe from the Taxpayers’ Association.

The tax authorities also believe this is the reason.

– If you have traveled to work for all or part of 2020 exactly as you usually do, you must fill in information about this in the tax return, Schanke Funnemark writes in a press release.

In 2019, 284,548 people received a deduction for travel expenses.

This year, the Tax Administration has removed the pre-filling of travel deductions in the tax return.

Residual tax without interest

A good news for the stubborn hangover is that it is fortunately cheaper than ever.

– This year, for the first time, there is a 0.0 percent interest on the residual tax, says Rolf Lothe.

This means that you can wait until the last deadline to pay the hangover, without it becoming more expensive for you.

The deadline for paying the remaining tax is for most people 20 August. If you owe more than NOK 1,000, the amount is divided into two invoices.

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