“We had a very big problem,” – Madara Kiviča about the jealousy of divorce from Andris and Liene

“Of course I allowed such an opportunity,” the TV channel “STV First!” in the show “When They Meet” admitted Madara. “If two people have children together and have a relationship with each other, they could sit in the garden and bake meat while the children live. I really didn’t think that’s the problem.”

“Unfortunately, we had a very big problem. It seems very paradoxical to me that it is not the former who are jealous, but the young who are jealous of the former. That a woman could feel jealous of me, even though I really know that I am “It was a big surprise that a woman can be so jealous of me, because it seemed to me that I didn’t really bother, I tried very politely,” says Madara, whose ex-husband is married in early 2020 he embraced Lien Skulmi, who had many trades.

She believes that a normal relationship between divorced parents is only possible when both are free from resentment: “It seems to me that Andrew is still resentful. The resentment that I did not obey what he wanted from me when we divorced. I didn’t sign the documents right away. I didn’t give up and stayed on my point. I cry next to the pain.I want to shout when I feel so powerless and I can’t help my children. [..] Children also have the right to be angry. They also have the right to be afraid, to feel offended. They have a right to privacy and peace. “

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