“We had to cheat a bit”: Diana Golden recounted the ordeal she lived through, in order to divorce Alfredo Adame

MEXICO.- In recent days, the actress Diana Golden has shared details of his relationship with Alfredo AdameAlthough their marriage was short lived, the divorce was longer and more difficult than she would have liked. The Colombian has shared that the actor is an aggressive man, that he is always armed and that he has problems with alcohol, reasons why he decided to end his fleeting marriage.

Diana Golden assured, that the straw that broke the camel’s back, in his relationship with Alfredo AdameIt was that one day he put “a gun in her mouth and threatened her”, however, she also shared that her divorce from the actor turned into a nightmare, because he did not want to cooperate. Although the Colombian assured that she was never unfaithful, the controversy continues to surround her, due to her alcoholism problems.

During an interview for the program “De Primera Mano”, Diana Golden He related: “He made a sheet, collecting the toilet paper that he had spent, what he had spent on food, on the rent of my room, it was like 800 dollars. My dad sent it to him through the lawyer and then we went to sign the first divorce papers ”. The actress commented, that Alfredo Adame he was chasing her and had to move in with a friend, to avoid seeing him.

“I had to go live, because he was persecuting me and threatening me, at the house of the writer Olga Bear, now I can say it, because she is no longer persecuted by the Colombian government or guerrillas. She had just written a book ‘The wars of peace’, she was totally asylum in Mexico and there is no way you can find a political asylee and she is from the Jewish community. That was when the whole tug of war of the divorce began, “said the actress. Diana Golden.

“We had to pay, so that he believed that with a signature he would remain and that he only had to ratify it. They made him do both, in one visit […] We had to cheat a little, because if not, I was never going to get divorced and I wanted to get rid of that, “he declared. Diana Golden. Asked if he regrets marrying Alfredo Adame, the actress replied: “Yes of course. It’s the only thing I can regret in my life. ”

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