Health We have adapted all of our programs to the...

We have adapted all of our programs to the current context


One of the activities (Mindfulness) organized for the team of the brigades of PAE.

“From the first moment we made it clear that welfare is a right that all human beings have from birth. Sometimes people are not aware of their right. We work intensely on changing habits that are not favorable to us, and encourage linkages informal between the partners,” adds Priest.

Reporter: How was the process since he joined the company in 2011 to the present?

Leila Cure: We thought that the change of habits only with information you’re not going to produce, so we started with the concept of salutogenesis in all of our programs, that is to say not to point to the disease, but the promotion of health. So it was that we made a program of different health. And we decided around a year to create culture on a topic, for example, we speak of the heart, from march to December. We talk about prevention, risk factors, but also intervene in hearts from the art. The focus of different ways for people to keep in mind how to care for your heart at all times.

Q: How reacted the employees?

L. C.: The culture and the adaptation been a year or two, the first was more of learning, but as of 2012, the people had a good response. With the time we created several programs, such as a software of self-assessment of health status, both physical and psychosocial. In the world, with 20% of the company to join the program and to download the app is considered a success. Here three, four months, 50% of the company had it. The commitment of the people with his health is great. And all this accompanied with campaigns.

Q: What type of campaigns?

L. C.: Campaigns focused on incorporating healthy habits, physical activity, based on the motivation and empowerment of the people. Last year, we launched a new campaign that is the of the Brigades. Some are firefighters, and operators, work in the fields voluntarily and are noted to be first responders in an accident. We did a program in which we give them tools so they already have a good mental state prior to cope with these episodes. These are experiences very enriching.

Q: what about the rest of the programs what is it?

L. C.: Among many other programs have the Calendar Wellness, that are calendars, in short, a day, or a week, seeking to raise awareness about issues of everyday life, based on the calendar of the WHO with issues about tobacco, salt, etc., Is the wellness of the community, that is to take it to the community and highlight the concept of gratitude is so important to the people. Also the program of quality of life, which are interviews permanent where we rescued the conversation as a fundamental tool, and the listener.

Q. At the sites, have some kind of support staff?

L. C.: In the sites we have doctors and nurses. There we have managed to bring the nurse to the role of leader in promotion of health with training. So we’re going to shape the decision-makers in campaigns to meet the objectives of the programs, to encourage healthy habits, to achieve adherence to the program and participation, an environment of motivation reciprocal, etc., Is important to their role and as they have grown. In fact, we have two nurses dedicated to the wellness. And this culture has benefited at the time of dealing with the current pandemic situation.

In the context posed by the coronavirus, Pan Américan Energy installed at Cerro Dragon (Comodoro Rivadavia), a tent serving as a field hospital, with 18 beds and two ventilators to treat patients positive Covid-19 in an early stage. On the other hand, in recent days, the company he assisted in the opening of an annex to hospital in Rada Tilly. The space was conditioned in the Provincial School N° 718, and allow the admission of patients Covid-19 with mild symptoms. It has 50 beds in single boxes, area security, area of nursing equipped, kitchen area, cleaning and laundry and have wifi for patients to be able to communicate with his family.


In recent days, the company he assisted in the opening of an annex to hospital in Rada Tilly.

In recent days, the company he assisted in the opening of an annex to hospital in Rada Tilly.

Q: By all of this that you expressed, I understand that the pandemic was not found raw, already had a culture built

L. C.: Totally, the coronavirus found us very prepared. We have adapted immediately to all of our programs to the current context, creating, for example, the application Wellness Kids, which was to bring well-being to the children of the collaborators, now has the creative tools, now is the @quedateencasa, a section of expressing emotions through art. For the parents there is prevention of coronavirus and first aid in the home, tips on healthy eating, environment, values, challenges, prizes, etc, This app-which we had developed but we are using a lot at the moment – has 800 families.

Our program maintain the right weight, Wise, is based on the change of habits, with challenges, with incentives, with testimonies of the people.

Q: are There in the domestic arena other companies do have this approach to health and well-being as a priority?

L. C.: Internal departments of welfare has almost no one. The wellness is in fashion, but I would venture to say that there are not many companies with these concepts, which are the ones that achieve greater well-being in people.



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