We have calculated that millions of Hungarians could lose their protection certificate based on the announcement of Gergely Gulyás

According to the Minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office, the following happens with security certificates:

  • from 15 February become a vaccination certificate in the case of the omicron variant, the concept of disease transmission is different, so that transmission does not entitle it,
  • from February 15, only the ID of those who will have three vaccinations or received their second vaccination within 6 months,
  • the cards do not have to be smashed, the ones on them Check using a QR code they may then be valid.

According to the current government decree a at sporting events, music and dance events and concerts for more than 500 guests must be shown for protection as well as at other events if kept indoors. At your own discretion you will also find many bathing places from his guests. The minister has not yet spoken about what the government is planning to change in the rights to security certificates.

Based on Portfolio estimates Currently, there can be a maximum of 6.8 million valid security certificates in Hungary, as in addition to the 6.3 million vaccinees, the 510,000 officially infected people received a 6-month validity period (there may be a lot of overlap between the two, but the extent of this is unknown), and a small number of those who were eligible for subsequent antigen testing ( they are not taken into account because of this overlap). However, as of January 13, as of now

About 39% of the up to 6.8 million valid protection certificates, or 2.66 million, could become invalid, with 510,000 having a valid card due to the passage and 2.15 million due to their vaccination six months earlier.

They may continue to be entitled to them a 3.31 million people have already received the third vaccine, and 843,000 have received the second vaccine in the last six months, so their card will also remain valid according to the current situation. There may also be an overlap between the two groups, so the number of eligible employees of 4.15 million can be considered somewhat overestimated.

Of the 510,000 individuals with a protection certificate who have undergone a protection certificate in the last six months, there are, of course, those who have received their second or third vaccination in the meantime, but they do not increase their entitlement as part of the calculation.

Until February 15, the above numbers may still change significantly, since we could only start from the situation on January 13th. However, passing the disease will no longer increase the number of people holding a certificate of protection from that date, only taking the second or third vaccine, while those who have received their second vaccine more than 6 months ago and not taking the third will be phased out. from the circle of beneficiaries. Anyway, it is worth noting that the date of the first vaccination shall appear on the outside of the protection certificates, so it will not necessarily be possible to check eligibility on the basis of the date of the second vaccination at the service points by simple visual inspection (for example, at major sporting events, mass and rapid checks on security certificates seem impossible at first).

It can also be concluded from the changes in the rules of eligibility for the protection certificate and the outbreak of the omicron epidemic that in the event of an exacerbation of the epidemic the government will grant more extensive additional rights to holders of security certificates over those who do not, but we are not yet aware of any government plans to do so.

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