We have to learn to live with the pandemic and without the coronavirus vaccine

Europe can v Covid-19 without a vaccine managing outbreaks with local confinementsthe director of the World Health Organization for the region said Tuesday, adding that he does not anticipate a return of full closures at the national level.

“The day we are going to conquer the pandemic is not necessarily the vaccine. It’s when we learn to live with the pandemic, and that can be tomorrow, ”he told Sky News. Hans Kluge, Regional Director of the World Health Organization for Europe.

A teacher teaching a class with a mask in France (ERIC GAILLARD / Reuters)

The next few months

WHO does not rule out local confinements to control outbreaks

Asked whether he foresees generalized lockdowns in the coming months to avoid a second wave of infections, he said: “No.” “I am optimistic, but we cannot exclude localized closures,” he said.

In relation to the expected vaccine, the WHO pointed out on Monday that an immunization against Covid-19 should be approved based on the results obtained in the step 3 of clinical trials to avoid abusing shortcuts that could affect the data on its true efficacy and safety. “Scientists around the world are asking (regulatory) agencies and companies to approve a vaccine based on data obtained in phase 3 clinical trials,” said WHO chief scientist Soumya. Swaminathan, at a press conference.

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