“We knew the match wouldn’t decide anything”

Despite losing in the regular season, Kazios Maksvytis’ students took first place.

In the quarter-finals, Kaunas will meet the Nevėžio-Optibet team of Kėdiani.

K. Maksvytis was not inclined to talk much about the match lost to “7bet-Lietkabelui” and said that he would have preferred to choose a training day.

“We knew that the match would not decide anything. The match turned out to be insignificant both from our side and from their side, I would not like to expand on it. We tried to win, but also to share minutes, to play with a big rotation. A game of cat and mouse also took place, as there is a high probability that we will meet them in the playoffs,” said the “Žalgiris” strategist.

– Who made you happy from the reserve players?

– The return of Tyler Cavanaugh. Maybe even played too much. Motiejas Krivos’ first outing was very good, the second was a little worse. We looked at our goals. Knowing how inconsequential the game is, we would have preferred a training day.

– Isn’t it scary that the people of Panevėžys will gain more confidence after the victory against you?

– I don’t think so. First of all, we still need to reach the semi-finals. And there would be another match and another story.

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