“We lacked being a little harder”

Deputy Giorgio Jackson (RD) referred this Wednesday to the project called “damn debt“, To the policies promoted by the government and to the role of the opposition in Congress when legislating these initiatives.

“We are dealing with this initiative, which is transversal, with deputies who are from the ruling party and the opposition, from put limits on the abusive charges that exist in Chilean banks“Explained the MP in an interview with CNN Chile.

In the same vein, he said he hoped to have the support for the document to advance in Congress: “If the Executive has as a priority that the families’ pockets do not suffer from the pandemic, should be able to put some urgency and that can be processed

Government measures

The design of many instruments was not correct, such as the design of the Fogape, which is leaving out most of the SMEs, because it was from the design made for the banks to decide, “questioned the front-man about one of the measures promoted by the Executive to come to the aid of the small and medium-sized companies that are in financial trouble during the pandemic.

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Along with this, he reflected that “there is a crisis in SMEs, but the most urgent is the crisis of families who are not coming with the income to stop the pot.” “There are populations in our country, and increasingly reaching the middle class, they are with food problems, to find the resources to be able to stop the pot and that is the responsibility of the political system and we all have a share of responsibility there, “he added.

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Finally, he stressed that “Unfortunately, the government ended up delivering something below the extreme poverty line and that it is declining month by month ”and that now it should have“ patched it up with this logistics of the food boxes ”.

Role of the opposition

Asked how he evaluates the opposition’s performance in presenting alternatives to the COVID-19 crisis, Jackson spoke of the possible theses that would explain the “possible failure of the opposition”.

On the one hand, he says that they should “To have been harder, to have rejected the projects that we considered deficient and to force the government, even if it cost us a couple of days of difficult explanations, to present better projects” While his other thesis is that “we have been so hard on some projects, that the government wants to give the opposition a cock.”

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Along with noting that “there is no opposition, there are several oppositions,” the deputy frontrunner argued that “I am more a supporter of the first thesis.” “We have lacked a little bit harder in the opposition, because otherwise, if we let the projects pass, the responsibility passes on our part, ”he sentenced.

Faced with questions from pro-government parliamentarians and La Moneda, in which they say that the opposition bloc has lacked the capacity for dialogue, Jackson assured that “the government has to do a little more self-criticism and say that for that unit what it has to do is talk, dialogue and listen

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Delivery of boxes by parliamentarians

Regarding the delivery of food boxes to people by some deputies, Giorgio Jackson warned that “the most worrying thing is patronage“Because” it is a shortcut “in which” many politicians seek to gain the trust of the people by supplying some of the things that should be guaranteed by some public policy.

It generates a dynamic that fears debate“He asserted.

Donations to the party

The deputy, questioned a few weeks ago for giving part of his salary to a kind of common fund to the Democratic Revolution, which was denounced by the also deputy Renato Garín (former RD), reiterated that he always said that part of his salary went to parliamentary work and to the party.

I continue to give more than half of the resources I have to both parliamentary work and the party, always complying with the legal limits ”, he assured, along with adding that“ the most democratic thing is that for elections money does not have to influence and influences the number of signatures, votes, support for your ideas and not economic power ” .

We have to find a way to compete with others who have much more resources than us.“He concluded.


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