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Benoît Hamon, founder of Generation-s, was a guest on the show "Face aux Christians" presented by Bernard Gorce and co-produced by KTO.

He answered questions from Louis Daufresne (Radio Notre-Dame), Romain Mazenod (RCF) and Corinne Laurent (The cross).

How are you going to take the "big debate"?

Benoît Hamon: All the opportunities to talk to each other are good, as long as we talk and listen to each other. We will not be able to think about the fundamental issues of our model of productivist and consumerist development, the environment, social inequality and extreme poverty if we do not change the question of the distribution of wealth. This question, which remains a red line for the President of the Republic, risks making the great debate obsolete if it is not dealt with.

Why is left leave lost in the European elections?

B.H .: The parties that have ruled in the past have survival strategies that lead them not to look at everyone's interest and to provide greater clarity. The generations and the alliance of the citizens we will build will be affirmed by the left. Jean-Luc Mélenchon no longer claims! He wants to unify people against the oligarchy, he says: "The left is no longer the concept that works." Part of social democracy joined Emmanuel Macron and his "And right and left". The Greens return to the speech by Antoine Waechter, according to whom "We can be a day allied on the left, another on the right".

So you say "The left is me"?

B.H .: Not just me. We must rebuild the left. Who still claims the left? I defended the universal income of existence. I do not pretend to keep the truth, I propose an option, a path.

You are critical of Europe but also a convinced European. How to restart it?

B.H .: The priority is to recreate a community of destiny for Europeans. The question with which we can do this is the fight against global warming. We are all interested, we need real ambition in this sector. This can be translated into an energy treaty that considers the security of energy supply, European energy sovereignty, the increase in the share of renewable energy and clean transport.

The government announced 13 pilot departments to test the universal national service. How do you perceive this initiative?

B.H .: In principle, everything that wants to help make the nation interesting. But there is a lot of money for not much.


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