“We prepare for opposition”


NAfter the election in Austria, ÖVP leader Sebastian Kurz announced that he wanted to speak with all parties elected to parliament. He had “definitely” not expected an exit at this altitude, said Kurz, and spoke of a historic day.

However, the coalition negotiations could be difficult. The former Chancellor himself had kept all options open during the election campaign and did not rule out a new edition of the alliance with the FPÖ. However, this is unlikely to be available after a bitter coup for a new coalition. “We are preparing for opposition,” said FPÖ leader Norbert Hofer.

A coalition with the Greens would also be conceivable. During the election campaign, they benefited from the fact that, unlike in 2017, it was not immigration that was most important to voters but climate change. However, on election night, the Greens made demands. Party leader Werner Kogler demanded a radical change in the course of government that Kurz had pursued in the coalition with the FPÖ. In particular, in the environmental policy, in the fight against corruption and poverty, something must change, said Kogler the station ORF.

Calculated possible would be a grand coalition with the Social Democratic SPÖ under Pamela Rendi-Wagner. However, Kurz himself, when he became the new ÖVP leader in 2017, had brought about the break-up of the grand coalition. Rendi-Wagner announced in turn, despite the heavy election defeat to continue. “Today is a stopover, the path continues,” she said, according to APA.

Kurz 'government from ÖVP and FPÖ had been overthrown by parliament after a vote of no confidence after only 18 months as a result of the “Ibiza scandal” at the end of May. Background was a secretly shot in Ibiza unveiling video, which shows how the then Vice Chancellor and FPÖ leader Heinz-Christian Strache before the parliamentary elections in 2017, a supposed Russian oligarchs niece in return for campaigning state orders in prospect. A few days before the election, the prosecutor had also announced further investigations against Strache on suspicion of misappropriation of party funds.



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