#We verify: President of Madagascar did not say that the WHO offered bribes to poison the “cure for Covid-19”

In social networks it is circulating that the president of Madagascar has accused the World Health Organization (WHO) of offering a bribe of US $ 20 million to “poison the cure for Covid-19.” Andry Rajoelina, President of the African country, maintains, without scientific basis, that a tea made with local herbs is the cure for the disease. Through thenews verification projectFacebook users requested that this material be analyzed. Know below the verification work of Forget:

* This check was originally posted on June 3, 2020. Read in portuguese.

“President of Madagascar denounces that the WHO offered a bribe of $ 20 million dollars to poison the cure of COVID-19 based on the plant”
Text circulating on Facebook, which until 7:00 p.m. on June 3, 2020 had been shared by more than 200 people


The information analyzed by the Forget it is false. The President of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina, did not claim that the World Health Organization (WHO) offered a bribe to poison the “cure” for Covid-19. It was not possible to find this “complaint” on the president’s social networks (Twitter, Facebook e Instagram). Furthermore, the own Rajoelina denied the rumor circulating in the networks.

On May 20, the president of Madagascar affirmed that he had a “successful” conversation with the Director General of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who would have praised the efforts of that country in the fight against the new coronavirus. On that occasion, Rajoelina said that the WHO signed a confidentiality clause on the formulation of the Covid Organics (CVO), a herbal drink. He also said that the organization was going to support the country in observing clinical tests with the drink.

The drink, which was launched in April, is made with a plant called mugwort and is championed by Rajoelina as a form of treatment for Covid-19. He claims that this tea has already cured several people and has even tested it publicly to show that it does not kill those who consume it.

In May, the president said the following: “We are going to drink this herbal tea to protect ourselves, our family and our neighbors. […] and there will be no more deaths ”. The drink is being distributed on the African island in two forms: bottled or as an herb to make a tea.

However, it should be noted that there is no scientific demonstration of its effectiveness. Furthermore, there is concern that its consumption may be harmful to health, especially that of the youngest.

The information that the president of Madagascar had accused the WHO circulated in various countries and was also checked by AFP, in France, There, from Italy, and Africa Check, which operates in several countries on the African continent.

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