"We will be able to reach the 300,000 authorized in five years"


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Christmas Graët, Istra, June 14th.
Christmas Graët, Istra, June 14th. FRANCK FIFE / AFP

Elected in 2011 to the presidency of the French Football Federation (FFF), Noël Le Graët, 76, has made the development of women's football one of the cornerstones of his mandate. for The world, the leader returns to this theme before the draw for the World Cup.

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In terms of logistics, is the organization of the Women's World Cup lighter than that of Euro 2016?

The big difference is the crowd in the stadiums. Women's football progresses fantastically every day, in France and the world, in terms of licensees, spectators and spectators, but has not yet reached the popularity of men's football. We will have to work. But the ticketing launched is very good, even before the extraction. 25% of seats are already sold.

It is hoped to complete the stadiums up to 80% overall. For the French team, there will be no problems. For the other teams, it will be more complicated.

Which road map assigned to Corinne Deacon, the Les Bleues coach?

When a team from France reaches the last four, we are quite happy. In this case, I would like to win. Saying that we are better than the United States [championne du monde en titre] today it would be a little pretentious.

Since 2012, we have established ourselves in the Top 5, or even in the Top 3 worldwide. We went long before. The girls are progressing. Four years ago, we fought each other against the Germans. This is no longer the case. Same with Sweden or Norway.

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You made three changes (Philippe Bergeroo in 2013, Olivier Echouafni in 2016 and Corinne Deacon in 2017) leading the women's selection against one (Didier Deschamps in 2012) for the men from your election. How do you explain this instability?

Bruno Bini [en poste de 2007 à 2013] did not reach the set goals. I felt that there was a shortness of breath, a wear and tear, but his method was not open to criticism. My choice has always been to have Corinne. Except that it was under contract in Clermont [2014-2017]. I wanted it because it was international, ran the boys. Someone would have called. It was obvious.

Few women train …

We do not have enough women to train. Same for referees and leaders. I asked Hubert Fournier, the national technical director, to create a specific diploma. Because the diploma is currently the same for girls and boys. It is difficult for girls to have BEPF [Brevet d’entraîneur professionnel de football]. I think it's a bit physically difficult, probably unsuitable for girls. I want it to be modified and more realistic. Otherwise, we will only have men.


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