We will have to make room in the calendars

(ats) The point by discipline:

– Athletics

Olympic sport No. 1 has made the IOC’s task easier by mentioning on Monday a possible postponement to 2022 of these Worlds, scheduled for the summer of 2021 in the United States in Eugene (Oregon).

– Swimming

The World Championships were scheduled to take place from July 16 to August 1, 2021, in Fukuoka, Japan. Fina is also ready to show good will and will study “the flexibility of dates, if necessary and in agreement with the IOC”. While stressing that its “main objective is to guarantee the success of its flagship event”. How will the equation be solved? Impossible to say at the moment. Added to this is the question of the reprogramming of the 2020 European Championships, initially scheduled for May in Budapest but also postponed.

– Judo and gymnastics

The rule is the same for these two sports: World Championships are held every year, except in the Olympic year. In 2021, those of judo are scheduled in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, a priori in September, and those of artistic gymnastics in Copenhagen, from 18 to 24 October. The risk of coinciding with the new Olympic fortnight is therefore ruled out. What will they become? She is still an unknown. The International Gymnastics Federation has only said it would “do whatever it takes to adjust its schedule”. To a Dutch judokate who asked him if it was possible to advance the Worlds-2021 to 2020, the International Federation replied on social networks that “it should of course partially rethink its calendar”.

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– Basketball

Euros were on the 2021 program: in June in France and Spain for women, and in August in four countries for men: Germany, Italy, Georgia and the Czech Republic. It is not imagined that the NBA, nor probably the Euroleague, will release their players for two competitions the same summer. The president of the FFBB and vice-president of Fiba Europe Jean-Pierre Siutat suggested that the Ladies’ Euro be postponed to 2023 to serve as a test-event at the Paris Games and the Men’s Euro in the summer of 2022, devoid major competition in the new international calendar.

– Handball

This sport organizes a major competition each year and the Olympic years are no exception. Normally, this is the Euro, in January for men and in December for women. The Games being moved, they will be supervised by the Worlds, in Egypt for the gentlemen and in Spain for the ladies.

– Volley

The League of Nations, an annual competition organized in June-July, does not stop during the Olympic years. On the other hand, the Euros programmed at the end of summer (Czech Republic, Finland, Estonia, Poland for men, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania for women) will be a problem.

– Cycling

If the Games are organized in 2021 in the same weeks as in 2020, they will start on the weekend when the Tour de France ends. But it has already been seen. The Olympic road race, which usually takes place on the first day of the Games, should therefore be postponed. Pistards have their Worlds in winter and will not be affected.

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– Tennis

The problem will be the same as for 2020: a very dense calendar, with tournaments every week or so, and very little room for maneuver.

– Other sports

Among the many other disciplines which organize their World Cup during the post-Olympic year and which will have to adapt, we find rowing (in China), badminton (in Spain), canoeing (sprint in Copenhagen, slalom in Bratislava), fencing (in Cairo), weightlifting (in Lima), wrestling (in Oslo, but in October), modern pentathlon (in Minsk), taekwondo (in China), archery ‘arc (in the United States), shooting (not yet awarded).

Horse riding has scheduled its European Championships in Budapest for dressage, show jumping and aerobatics, and in Normandy in France for the eventing.

– And in the spring?

The option of organizing the Games in the spring, which has not been ruled out by the IOC, would run up against the calendar of collective sports which then entered the final stretch of their club competitions: play-offs of the NBA, Final Four of the Euroleague for basketball, Final Four of the Leagues of the handball champions, finals of the Champions League of volleyball, conclusions of the championships in particular in fooball, etc. It would also interfere with the cycling calendar (either with the classics season in April, or with the Tour of Italy in May), with major tennis tournaments (Miami, Roland-Garros) and with the European Gymnastics Championships and judo.

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