“We will not promote an act that is useless”


“There is no boycott, which we will not promote, even for the sake of respect for our militants, is an act which, then, in the light of the criteria of the National Jurisdiction Council, is useless.” Miguel Albuquerque said that, on the sidelines of the Political Committee meeting held this afternoon at Rua dos Netos headquarters, he confirmed that, by decision of this Committee, the second round of voting for the National Internals would not be possible and that none of the headquarters would be open to receive their suffrage, which will take place next Saturday, 18 January.

“We had a large participation of our Militants in the national Leader Election, but the votes were not considered. Let’s promote some Elections for what, if the votes are not considered? (…) we cannot collaborate in such a situation, of lack of respect for our Militants ”, stressed, on the occasion, the President of the PSD / Madeira, to whom what is in this context is the “Defense of those that are the fundamental principles of the statutory autonomy of the PSD / Madeira that historically have always been considered and validated.” At this point, he stressed, “it is out of the question, under any circumstances, to drop our principles.”

Affirming that he does not want to wage wars within the National PSD and ensuring that there is no war between them and whoever he is, Albuquerque stressed that what is at stake in this matter “is a position of principle that has practical reflexes from the PSD at the national level. preserving its statutory autonomy and, contrary to what is said, against decisions which undermine both the statutes at national level and the statutes at regional level ”.

“The Jurisdiction Council exists, makes wrong decisions and we have the right to challenge those decisions,” said the Social Democrat Leader, stressing that “the statutory autonomy of the PSD / Madeira, which is enshrined in the Statutes, prevails over a Regulation approved by the National Council, which has retroactive effects and which calls into question acquired rights of the members of Madeira ”.

Miguel Albuquerque, who, confronted by journalists about the vote of PSD / M deputies elected to the Assembly of the Republic, in the State Budget, was equally adamant: “We said in our Electoral Manifesto that we would always act by placing Madeira First and our position in this Budget is a position that stems from a principle that has been stifled by our Electorate and has always been a practice of the PSD / Madeira, which is to look first and foremost at party interests to that is what we have done, ”he said, ensuring that, within the national framework, the defense of the interests of the Region will always prevail.

“For us there are no first or second class militants,” says Prada.

Endorsing the statement by Miguel Albuquerque, PSD / Madeira Secretary-General José Prada, who read the conclusions of the meeting of this Political Commission, made it clear that for PSD / Madeira there are no “first-class militants or militants”. that it would not make sense to promote this second round when the votes of the 1,800 militants who went to the polls last Saturday were not counted.

To journalists, José Prada explained that the PSD / Madeira does not accept this Electoral Regulation for several reasons, one of which is that this Regulation, last November, cannot have retroactive effect at the beginning of the year. “Until November, many militant quotas from Madeira had already been paid and they were left out. It was not until November that this Regulation expressly stated that it applied to the Autonomous Regions, but this Regulation was approved by a National Council, “he said at the time, adding:” Our Statutes have autonomy and were approved by Congress and is the Statute itself. , at the national level, which says that the regional structures are autonomous, with their own statutes, so it will not be a regulation that will change what has been happening for more than forty years ”.

He also assured that any future changes to the PSD / Madeira Regulations will always be made through regional structures rather than through national structures.

The conclusions of this Political Commission also include the call to Party militants to participate actively and responsibly in the Elections to the Parish Political Commissions that will take place next Friday, 17 January. , at all PSD / Madeira headquarters between 18.00 and 20.00 hours, as well as the commitment of the PSD / Madeira in favor of all Madeirenses and Porto-Santenses and the unconditional defense of those who are the interests of the Region. . This attitude was once again taken by the Social Democratic deputies elected by Madeira to the Assembly of the Republic, when the State Budget for 2020 was voted in general, but also in the proposal for the Regional Budget.


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