Technology We will survive US repression: Huawei

We will survive US repression: Huawei

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After U.S announce the deadline to stop the supply by US companies of chipsets upscale for Huawei, senior executives of the company indicated that they will survive this situation.

September 15 was the date set by the government of U.S to stop the supply of microprocessor components to various Chinese companies, a blow to smarthphones of Huawei.

About, Richard Yu Chengdong, President of the Consumer Affairs Division Huawei, warned that as a consequence of these measures, the chipset High-end Kirin could not be produced and total smartphone shipments would drop to less than 240 million units.

Given this, representatives of the technology industry, speculated that Huawei could abandon its smartphone business, to which the telecom leader replied that it has diversified its business from telecom operators and smartphones to the Internet, in hopes of building a new ecosystem to support various smart devices such as tablets. , watches, cars, headphones and laptops.

The rotating president of Huawei, Guo Pingrecently noted that he trusts Huawei It will eventually be able to find a solution, especially for high-end smartphones, amid the US crackdown on the development and production of its Kirin chipset.

“It is very difficult for a smartphone maker to forge an ecosystem, but we have achieved results beyond our expectations,” Guo said.



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