Wearing tight leggings and a top that reveals part of her bust, Alexa Dellanos records herself at the gym

Alexa dellanos She maintains an enviable figure by going to the gym daily, and now she surprised her fans with two videos she recorded in which she shows off her statuesque body, wearing tight black leggings and a top that reveals part of her bust.

The beautiful daughter of the driver Dark Dellanos it is also very popular on the platform TikTok, where she shares sexy clips, one of the most recent being the one that shows her at night and by the pool, wearing a micro bikini from animal print with which he highlighted his mini-waist.

Alexa dellanos He has been in relationship with the artist for more than four years – and an expert in graffiti – Alec Monopoly; although this one does not stop publishing photos of both in InstagramShe prefers to share photos that show her alone on her own account on that social network.

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