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Weather Friday: October coming

Florence, 14 October 2021 – Weather forecast, the cold who’s making his teeth chatter from North to South, his hours are numbered, at least during the day. In these hours a cyclonic vortex is affecting the southern regions with widespread rains, in the meantime on the rest of Italy advances lhigh ocean pressure. The site reports that widespread precipitation with thunderstorms will still affect the Sicily and locally the Calabria, rain showers on the rest of the South.

Strong north-easterly winds with gusts of up to 80 kilometers per hour the central-southern Adriatic coasts, the Tyrrhenian ones and the Ionian ones will lash. Well sunny on the rest of Italy, but it will be quite cold: in fact in the early morning there are decidedly winter temperatures with 3-5 ° degrees in cities such as Turin, Milan, Bologna, Florence and Rome.

The scenario however will change from Friday 15 October. From tomorrow in fact, and especially on the weekend, thehigh pressure of the Azores it will gradually advance over most of the regions, bringing an atmosphere stability that could last for several days. Thus would begin the typical “October»With very mild temperatures during the day (up to 20-22 degrees) and cold at night.

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