Weather forecast for San Diego and Tijuana in January 2021 – Telemundo San Diego (20)

SAN DIEGO- Another system is coming from the northwest, marking a drop in temperatures starting at the weekend with rains in the region for several consecutive days in San Diego and Tijuana.

On Thursday a sunny day was expected with average temperatures between 65 and 70 ° F, according to the National Meteorological System, and already in the afternoon it would begin to cloud.

Friday is expected to be mostly cloudy.

A winter storm could bring rain as of Friday night or Saturday morning, informed Daniela Guichenne, the TELEMUNDO 20 Weather Authority. This storm could bring snow to the region.

“The coldest day is going to be Tuesday of 71 degrees that we had on Wednesday we expect 20 degrees less in the interior a little more cold and not to mention in the area of ​​the mountains snow will fall from 3,000 feet high” .

Temperatures in the deserts will also drop and thunderstorms are expected from Saturday into Sunday morning.

The forecast for Tijuana with minimum temperatures of 5 ° C and rainy days for next week.


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