Weather forecast in the United Kingdom on Saturday - sunny and down-season, perhaps with hail and thunder

Sunny spells and heavy and windy downpours, perhaps with hail and thunder on a mild Saturday. The showers will spread from the south and west in the morning to other parts later.

From Sunday to Monday the weather will remain uncertain and breezy with rains or longer rain periods, particularly in the west and south to the north and east to see the best of any sunbeam. Tuesday seems drier.

Weather forecast for the United Kingdom for 6 am on Saturday 10 November

Weather forecast for the United Kingdom for 15:00 on Saturday 10 November

British Perspective for Wednesday, November 14, 2018 to Friday, November 23, 2018

WEDNESDAY should be mild with clouds and bursts of rain in the north, west and some central areas. Drier and brighter in the south-east.

A mainly dry Thursday with varying amounts of clouds and some sunny periods as the rain will tend to lighten to the north.

At the end of the week, the mild, dry climate extended with limited rain to the northwest. Early mists and mists could become more common in the south and east, but the windiest conditions reduce this risk in the northwest. Night frosts are more likely in the north.

These drier conditions than the average can continue until the end of the period as the temperatures will return to normal.

Weather warning: yellow

Rain between Saturday 6.00am and Saturday 11.00pm

Regions and local authorities involved: Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire

The SOUTHERN and Western regions of England and Wales were hit by heavy showers and gangs of heavy showers that sometimes could cause about 15-20 mm of rain in 3 hours.

After the heavy rains of the last days, parts of south-west Wales are more likely to see the impacts of surface water floods.

What to expect

  • Lots of homes and businesses are likely to flood
  • Bus and train services are likely to be affected by travel times that require more time
  • Spray and flood the roads probably by taking longer journey times

To find out what to do, visit the Met Office consulting website.

He met the 10-day weather forecast report. Will cold immersion continue throughout the UK?

Saturday the UK surface pressure is scheduled for 12:00

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