Weather in Valencia: rain, storm and snow | Aemet announces a week of abundant and intense rains in Valencia with the snow level decreasing notably

October has been a dry month. Period that in the Community is associated with a greater probability of cold drop and this outstanding phenomenon has not appeared in the Valencian territory. It has hardly rained and when it has, it has been occasional, occasional rainfall without persistence or extending for several days. It seems that November is coming and the weather changes completely. This is stated in Aemet’s forecast for the first days of the eleventh month of the year since the arrival of a “Deep storm” that will leave precipitation for several days in a row and that will cause the Snow cover drop significantly.

It is Sunday it appears calm, with time more typical of spring. Notify Aemet that they will be given “Significantly high temperatures” for this time of year on the day when there is a tradition of visiting cemeteries to remember the deceased. All Saints’ Day will be a radiant day but the sanitary measures will prevent it from being fully enjoyed. The Valencian Community has not moved the holiday to day 2, so it will be the last day before facing a new work week. Temperatures between 12 and 24 degrees in the city of Valencia and without ruling out that mists and fog banks are registered in points of the Valencian and Alicante coast. In the rest of the territory, nothing remarkable.

The week begins, although the Community will continue with its perimeter closure of the region to prevent people from entering and leaving without justified cause. Aemet anticipates that it will again be a day with “high temperatures for this time of year” and thermometers in the capital can reach temperatures 25 degrees maximum, while the minimum ones will be cooler staying at 12 degrees. Little cloudy sky and again the possibility of fogs and fog banks forming.

The Tuesday the weather begins to change with the arrival of a storm in the Valencian Community. The first impact will reach the thermometers with a notable decrease in the maximums that will remain close to 20 degrees. The front of rainfall will arrive in the Valencian Community for the second half of the day, at which time the forecast indicates that the probability of rainfall increases in Valencia, northeast of Alicante and inland of the province of Castellón, although the rest of the region.

The Wednesday follows the tonic of temperature drop, which will already be below 20 degrees and will remain at a maximum of 17 in the city of Valencia. The rainfall They will be, according to Aemet, “generalized, and may occur in a locally strong and persistent way in Valencia, south of Castellón and north of Alicante.” The Snow cover it will remain fixed at 2,000 meters.

From now on the forecast does not improve, even worse. With so many days in advance Aemet does not specify for the Community how the rest of the days will be until the first full weekend of November, but it does inform that the storm will worsen with abundant rains that could be accompanied by storms and be locally strong or persistent. The Snow cover it could descend in points of the Valencian territory up to 1,000 meters. Facing the ThursdayFor example, it is estimated that the rains could continue to be intense given that it is a «deep storm “that will leave” quite unstable “when located in the Mediterranean arc.


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