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– It looks very good in Eastern Norway. It will be sunny there at the weekend, it’s completely bankers, says on-duty meteorologist Lars Andreas Selberg to NTB.

Lillehammer’s streets have already been full of spring-happy people. Many have taken their first outdoor beer of the year.

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If the weather gods strike and it will be over 21 degrees on Saturday, as has been reported throughout Gudbrandsdalen, the meteorologist also believes that more people will find one thing more tempting.

– There are of course Norwegians who bathe at any time, but now when the temperatures reach 20 degrees there are probably many who venture out for their first bath of the year, says Selberg.

Good news

There is still no reason to despair if you have a postal address further west in the country, because westerners can also enjoy more sunny days at the weekend.

– Fair weather is expected, although it may drizzle a little, says the meteorologist.

– Temperatures can be above 15 degrees in several places, and locally in inland areas it can approach 20 degrees if everything goes perfectly, he adds.

Central Norway will also get a taste of the fine weather with 15 to 20 degrees Celsius on Saturday and Sunday. However, some morning fog has been reported in some places, just like in Eastern Norway.

– Morning fog can put a small damper on the fine weather from the morning onwards, but the sun is shining quite well now, so it will probably lighten up quite quickly, says Selberg.

Last chance for a ski trip

Milder weather also means that the snowmelt will soon be in full swing, so those who dream of a last summit trip for the season should probably hurry, the meteorologist believes.

– There is a lot of snow in the mountains, so there are still opportunities to have a ski trip if you still want to, but the temperatures will rise so much in the next few days that a lot of the snow will melt, he says.

As there was so much snow this winter, there is also a great risk of flooding in some places as a result of the snow melting, according to NVE. Among other things, the danger warning has been upgraded to yellow level in the ski destination Trysil, at Vesterålen to Tanafjorden and in parts of Glomma.

Weather loser of the weekend

Although no one drowns in rain and precipitation this weekend, it is Lofoten that has drawn the shortest straw. Rain has been reported there all weekend, and temperatures may drop to 6 degrees on Friday and Saturday, according to the forecasts.

– It’s not very cold in some places, but it’s probably Lofoten, which gets the most rain, which also gets the coolest weather, says Selberg.

The Paris of the Nordics, Tromsø, will also have to wait for spring. It may be below ten degrees there for the next few days, but according to the meteorologist, they will also get some fine weather next week.

– The warm air comes from the south and moves north, so the weather can be quite good there eventually too, he says.,

– Milder and milder weather is expected across the country in the coming days.

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