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ANALYSIS – The area of ​​high pressure of sub tropical matrix that is affecting northern Italy will finally reach even the southern regions, removing the small Balkan depression responsible for widespread instability over the weekend. The arrival of the anticyclone also in the South will be determined by the deepening of an Atlantic trough towards Western Europe that will recall hot humid currents of African origin towards the central Mediterranean basin. But it will be precisely the rising temperatures and the hot-humid characteristic of the incoming air that will fuel the formation of some thunderstorms that can also be intense locally.

WEATHER MONDAY – Still in vogue the small Balkan depression will favor a day very similar to Sunday, characterized by good weather prevailing in the central northern regionsthere except for the development of a modest cumulative afternoon activity that will cause the formation of some storms close to the Alpine and Apennine areas. Here the climate will be substantially summer with maximum temperatures that will easily reach i 30-31 ° on the northern plains and 26-28 ° in the central Tyrrhenian hinterland. In reverse in the South we will still have conditions of variability with the development of a widespread afternoon thunderstorm instability that, in addition to the inland areas, can also locally flow onto the coasts. Here the temperatures will still remain slightly below average.

WEATHER TUESDAY – The deepening of an Atlantic trough towards the Iberian Peninsula pushes all the Baric configuration towards the East favoring a departure of the Balkan depression towards Eastern Europe and the arrival of the anticyclone also in the South. Time on Italy will be overall stable and sunny in the morning but in the central hours the development of some thunderstorms will still materialize, especially near the central-southern Apennines but locally also on the alpine and pre-Alpine areas. Thunderstorms that however will be more isolated and only occasionally will be able to reach the coastal zones. The temperatures will be in general and further increase, with highs up to 30 ° in the Po valley, 28 ° on the central Tyrrhenian strip and 24-26 ° also in the Southern Peninsular.

WEATHER UNTIL THURSDAY – further reduction of daytime instability in the southern regions, which will become more isolated and confined to the reliefs with maximum temperatures that will still be increasing until reaching even the 28 ° threshold. On the rest of the country, typically summer conditions with mostly sunny weather, although with a certain diurnal instability in the northern Apennines and the central-western Alpine arc, here the risk of local and sudden storms will materialize which, given the gradual approach of the Atlantic trough, from Thursday they may be able to affect even the northwestern lowland sectors. Summer temperatures in the Padana Valley and on the inland areas of the center, a few degrees less on coastal areas mitigated by sea breezes (sea temperatures lower than normal for the period) and the Ionian slopes of the Peninsula.
And for the following days? In this article, we explore the trend for June 8-10.

For more detailed information, consult the appropriate weather section in Italy.

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