weather thunderstorms for this day

Saturday, January 16, 2021 – 5:00 p.m.

According to the Report of the National Meteorological Service

The Municipality informs that electrical storms are expected for this day

In the remainder of the day, cells with electrical activity can form. A black flag will be placed on the beaches warning of this situation. It is recalled that, in the event of any eventuality, the Civil Defense telephone number 103 is available.

The Civil Defense area of ​​the Municipality of Gral. Pueyrredon warns of the possible presence of electrical storms for the remainder of this day.

Although the geographical area of ​​General Pueyrredon is not included in any alert, according to the satellite image the formation of cells with electrical activity can be seen.

Faced with the possible activity, it has already been communicated to those responsible for lifeguard operations to put a black flag on beaches, which gives an electrical storm warning.

As usual in this type of situation, it is recommended to take extreme security measures to avoid accidents. Likewise, it is recalled that, in case of any eventuality, the Civil Defense telephone number 103 is available.


.- Remove from the street any element that could obstruct the storm drains.

.- Do not throw waste on public roads. Take out the garbage at the times indicated for each neighborhood and place the waste bags on the sidewalk to facilitate better water drainage.

.- Clean the roof gutters.

.- Avoid displacement during the storm; avoid coming into contact with utility poles and trees, and do not move on public roads until it is guaranteed that there are no risk factors.

.- In case of strong winds, avoid driving on the street, taking shelter in closed and safe places. Do not do it in isolated buildings, or under trees, or near fences.

.- Do not leave on the balconies or terraces elements that due to the action of the wind could damage third parties, such as flowerpots, chairs or other objects.

.- Drive with the vehicle only in case of need and travel with caution due to the slippery roads.


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