Wedding coming up? Cuban actress Ana de Armas is seen happily wearing a large diamond ring

In the same place where their love was born, during the recordings of the movie Deep Water, in New Orleans, Cuban actress Ana de Armas and American actor Ben Affleck were caught this week giving a passionate kiss that dispels any doubts about the rumors that their relationship had come to an end.

The couple, who met while working on this psychological thriller a year earlier, in November 2019, shared a passionate kiss between shoots last Thursday that has made the covers of important media that cover the day-to-day lives of the stars of Hollywood.

The Argo actor, 48, was seen kissing the lips with Ana de Armas, as can be seen in the photos published by the Daily Mail, while she was sitting on a railing.

The lovebirds also laughed and showed their playful side as they joked between takes. Affleck wore a long-sleeved black shirt and jeans, while De Armas wore blue jeans and a sweater.

In one of the photos, the Cuban actress can be seen with a large diamond ring on her left hand, which is apparently an accessory from the film, as they are supposedly played by a married couple.

Earlier this month, a source close to the couple told the press how Affleck’s life has changed since meeting De Armas, revealing that he has focused on his health and weight loss.

The Gone Girl actor “has been trying to eat healthy, exercise a lot, cut carbs, and eat a lot of protein,” the source said, noting that the Blade Runner 2049 actress “tries to eat healthy and has made Ben be more interested in your health ”.

Affleck and De Armas, who met on the set of the film, have been romantically linked since early March, when they were first seen on a trip to Cuba. Since then, the Cuban actress has reached out to Affleck’s family, spending time with the children she shares with her ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

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