Wedding official fired after criticism of corona policy Money

Bucciarelli believes that the requirement that a maximum of 30 people can gather at a wedding or church gathering is not in line with other government policies. “Everyone has to stay indoors, keep a meter and a half away and do the shopping alone. But being present with 30 men at a wedding, isn’t that right? ”


“I find it damn hard to give groceries to my in-laws without hugging them,” the wedding official told the local newspaper on Tuesday. “And then we will all get married, without you flying around your neck outside your town hall? I do not believe it.”

The wedding official thinks that only five people should be present at a wedding: the newlyweds, two witnesses and an official.

Dereliction of duty

The municipality of Nijmegen thought that the official was confusing her statements and fired her immediately. “We follow the instructions from the emergency ordinance.” The official has been fired for “very serious breach of duty.” She got that message via Skype.

The 48-year-old official understands that the municipality was not happy with her statements, but finds dismissal a far too serious consequence, she says to De Gelderlander.


There are also municipalities where fewer people are allowed to attend a wedding during the corona crisis. For example, only five people may be present in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. In some other municipalities, the limit is fifteen.

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