“Weekend of Gratitude and Love”… Light Sunny, 5th Pregnancy → Husband Jung Sung-ho and Children Reveal Daily Life – Reporter Seo-rin Oh

Comedian Jeong Seong-ho’s wife Kyung Maek-reum revealed her daily life during her fifth pregnancy.

On the 6th, Kyungmulleum posted several videos on her personal Instagram along with the words, “My father is always in charge of breakfast.”

“It’s always kimchi fried rice with egg rice, but the kitchen was bombed,” he said. “Nevertheless, I have a weekend of infinite gratitude and love for my husband who sweats to take care of his family so that he can sleep better in the morning.”

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She then expressed her gratitude to her husband, Jeong Seong-ho, who made breakfast for herself and her children, saying, “Do you want your first daughter to feel right, will your wife not be tired, or will you take care of her food?”

In the video released together, Jeong Seong-ho said, “Try it, try it, and talk.”

Afterwards, he said, “I can’t spend Saturday like this,” and said, “Guys, move.”

In the published photo, Jeong Seong-ho and lightheartedness are smiling and staring at the camera in the background of the movie theater. Earlier, Kyung Hae-reum announced the news of her fifth pregnancy in May, and she received many congratulations.

He married comedian and broadcaster Jeong Seong-ho in 2009 and has two sons and two daughters.
Reporter Seorin Oh [email protected]

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