Weekly horoscope 2022 for September 19-25. How will the new moon in Libra and the autumn equinox affect every sign of the zodiac?

The autumn equinox is a time of new beginnings that will further strengthen the new moon in Libra. This air sign is guided by a strong sense of justice. It symbolizes divine law, order and balance in love or business. It means “we” and “us”, not “me”. How will we feel under the influence of this phase?

Autumn equinox and new moon in Libra – what awaits you?


Wago, your season has officially started. You’ll be in the spotlight in a moment. New Moon in Libra will ask you to focus on what you do best. A new spiritual chapter will open up for you to increase your self-confidence. Take advantage of emerging opportunities and gained contacts. Just remember to set healthy boundaries in your relationships. Don’t try to please others at the expense of your dreams. Early fall will accelerate your personal development as long as you make yourself a priority.


On the fall equinox, the sun will move to your seventh house of relationships. The season of Libra will therefore ask you to restore harmony in your relationships. Being an independent zodiac sign, you will feel like a fish taken out of the water. Remember, however, that your loved ones are like a mirror that reveals what requires increased spiritual work in you. Don’t be proud. Try to treat others with more respect. Working with people around you is an essential part of life. Contrary to appearances, it is thanks to her that you got where you are today.

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