Weevils found in the beans that were going to be served in the schools of La Rioja days after the Serunión company was fined for the presence of worms in the food

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Those responsible for the kitchens of the educational centers of La Rioja found, at 9:00 in the morning today, weevils in the beans that were going to be served in the school cafeterias.

As Europa Press has learned, the insects have been found by the cooks in the centers that have a kitchen, although the one received from Serunión is served already prepared.

The information has been transferred to the Ministry of Education, which has confirmed this appearance “in one of these more exhaustive reviews” that have been carried out since weevils were detected in several dining rooms in La Rioja in September.

The Department of Education had requested that “extreme inspections and care be taken with the meals that arrive at schools.” In fact, it has been the kitchens of educational centers that have raised the alarm.

Given this, it has been decided that these last centers would serve lentilsand from the central kitchens that distribute the food to the rest of the centers it will be distributed sopa.

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