Weight loss: Can appetite suppressant injections solve the problem of obesity?

  • James Ghalaghar
  • Health editor, BBC

March 20, 2023

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Two versions of semaglutide are sold, one for weight loss and one for people with diabetes

You can’t avoid the hype around weight loss injections.

Social media is littered with before and after pictures of people using these injections. These images have become a source of wild rumors about Hollywood stars and whether they use them, and here is the British National Health Care Service “NHS” decides to buy these injections to give them to patients.

You can understand the attraction of those injections. Being overweight affects our health and sometimes leads to stigma. And the “diet and exercise” slogan simply fails to make most people lose weight.

But should we describe the semaglutide used in these shots as a “miracle” or a “skinny shot” when some doctors see it as a controversial treatment? Are his results worth the hype? Or have we failed to deal with the causes of obesity and have accepted that obese people spend the rest of their lives receiving medical drugs?

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