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Pyaterochka retail chain launched a new domestic loyalty system platform

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She has been waiting since March. It was from March to this moment that the usual accrual of points on the Help-Card was suspended. Regular customers know this. All these months, points were not reflected on the balance of the card, and therefore it was also impossible to use them with the expectation of savings. And now the time has come.

Finally, the debiting and accrual of points has become available to customers in more than 1,500 stores, and Rescue Cards are credited with all the points accumulated from March to June for purchases – for the period of waiting for the transition to a new processing.

In order to use this system, regular customers of the trading network and its guests will not need any additional actions or even efforts. In the same way, when serving at the checkout, customers can ask an employee to write off points on the Help-Card and thus pay less. No inconvenience: now again, when a loyalty card is presented at the time of purchase, points are awarded and discounts are applied on products with promotional price tags.

The new software from the Russian developer Loymax will soon equip all stores of the chain. This is a guarantee of the stability of the program and the safety of customer data. And besides, this will allow at any time to finalize the system and, as necessary and the development of the market, introduce new functionality, regardless of external restrictions and negative impacts from abroad.

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