Well-known Otome game “Amnesia-Amnesia-” Switch Chinese version releases main character introduction “AMNESIA for Nintendo Switch”

GSE announced that it will cooperate with the well-known Japanese game company Idea Factory’s Otome game brand “Otomate” to launch “Otomate” in March 2022.Amnesia -Amnesia-》Nintendo Switch Asian Traditional Chinese version, and introduced the main characters in the game.

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Introduction to Game Characters

HEROINE — heroine

CV: No (name required, no default role name)

A young girl suddenly lost all her memories one day. In the process of investigating her room and the people and things around her, she has mastered some basic information, such as whether she is a student or working part-time, etc., and gradually understands various things related to “self”…

“Indifferent and dedicated 」— SHIN

CV: Tetsuya Kakihara

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When the heroine woke up in the hospital bed, the young man suddenly asked for a kiss. He seemed to be her childhood sweetheart and boyfriend.

He was alienated from the surroundings because of his father’s murder, which caused his personality to be indifferent to his age. Although he rarely has an emotional side, once he recognizes the other person as his own, he will also show deep emotions in his heart.

“The charm that confuses women 」- NOT

CV: Kisho Taniyama

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When the heroine woke up in her apartment, she suddenly received a phone call. Although she has no impression of the name of the caller ID, the other party seems to be familiar with the heroine. Then he came to the apartment to greet the heroine, but he was surrounded by a bunch of women for some reason… It seems that he is an idol, a young man who is very popular with women, and he seems to be the heroine’s boyfriend…?

He has a special physique that can make a “love-like mood” of the opposite sex who has “looked at each other”. As a college student playing coffee, he does not pursue sincere communication, but indulges himself and enjoys short-term pleasure. I am very interested in the heroine who is not affected by his “eyes”.

“Calm and reasonable 」— KENT

CV: Akira Ishida

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When the heroine woke up in her apartment, she saw a lot of short messages on her mobile phone, but all of them only had a single sentence “Good morning” or “Good night.” The message to her was a man named KENT, who seemed to be her boyfriend with indifferent attitude…

He is a graduate student specializing in mathematics and often sees everything from a condescending perspective. He has a high degree of interest in phenomena that cannot be explained by theory, and regards the people around him and the relationship as objects of observation.

For him, even love emotions should be explained clearly in theory.

“Loving and crazy “- TAKING

CV: Satoshi Hino

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When the heroine woke up and found herself lying on the side of a strange road, TOMA happened to be on the sidelines. To the heroine who didn’t know why he fell here and couldn’t understand the situation, he whispered, “I will protect you.”

TOMA has been guarding the heroine as a elder brother. At the same time, because of her strong desire to protect and love the heroine, she has become unstable…

“Full of mystery — UKYO

CV: Kouki Miyata

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A strange young man, no matter where he is, he will suddenly appear, give a mysterious warning to the heroine, and then leave. Whether he wants to protect the heroine or hurt the heroine is not clear.

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Product Information

  • game name:Amnesia -Amnesia-

  • Developer: Idea Factory/Design Factory

  • Publisher: Game Source Entertainment

  • Game type: female to love adventure

  • Corresponding platform: Nintendo Switch

  • Release Date: Scheduled in March 2022

  • Game price: Regular version NT$1,590/HK$398
    Limited edition NT$2,390/HK$598

  • Game rating: auxiliary 15 levels

  • Game subtitles: Traditional Chinese

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