Wellness combines the core elements of a strong immune system

Not only in times of the corona virus, you ask yourself how you can keep your immune system fit. There are numerous ways and means that will really help your immune system get started and provide the basis for a successful expansion of the immune system. It is important that you take enough time to give your body relaxation and regeneration. Because a phenomenon that can be found in all age groups today is the danger of focusing on unhealthy things in life.

Although the number of people who eat consciously and play sports is growing, it is about regeneration and hailing criticism from society. One promotion must follow the next. The children have to be perfectly brought up, have a high school diploma and study. Those who are weak are expelled from society.
Treating yourself to a break or admitting to yourself that the body does not want to participate, as necessary, is considered a weakness – not self-protection.

Therefore, the number of people with burnout is increasing steadily.

Stress in everyday life is the reason for a weak immune system, mental suffering and constant restlessness. It is important to completely prevent this in phases.

A definition of the immune system

Before you can understand how you can strengthen your immune system, you should know what is behind this term. It is a combination of various parts of the body. On the one hand, the white blood cells of the cells work together with the antibodies. Organs like the skin, the intestine and the liver as well as the spleen are further fighters against viruses, bacteria and pathogens. According to the scientists of the US Cancer Research Institute (CRI), the body protects itself through a complex interplay of foreign substances and microorganisms. If these could work in our bodies as they want, there would be a total failure of certain organ functions.

After the white blood cells and organs have acted against the pathogen, you work on the natural healing process. They support regeneration in order to ensure stable, safe functioning of the body again.

The development and maintenance of health depends on various criteria

The wellness industry is booming in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other neighboring countries. Finding a suitable hotel that meets your requirements is therefore not easy. The
Booking a wellness weekend at spa-dich.fit.de has numerous advantages.

This gives you a direct overview of various offers that you can compare.
The focus is not only on the location of the hotel, the catering or the hotel reviews. It is important to equip the wellness or spa area as well as the treatments and massages. The spa and wellness area should be equipped with a pool, sauna facilities and numerous places of relaxation. Massages and beauty treatments are the perfect way to regenerate your body and mind. When booking, pay attention not to the trendy names of the treatments, but to the benefits. Good massages and treatments will be carried out by trained staff. Essential oils should be used, the effect of which is felt in the entire nervous system.
In order to be able to assess the quality of the recreational offer, use the customer reviews.

Use knowledge of the sun vitamin D3
The two scientists, Roberta Conlan and Elizabeth Sherman, published astonishing insights in their treatise “Unraveling the Vitamin D Riddle”.
This shows that sunlight is an important part of strengthening the immune system. During your stay at the wellness resort, you shouldn’t just be in the relaxation rooms and saunas. Make sure you are in the fresh air. Walking, cycling or jogging give the body an incentive to strengthen the immune system. The body can be completely supplied with vitamin D by the sun’s rays. Because as soon as the sun’s rays hit the skin, the body begins to produce vitamin D.
The vitamin regulates the calcium and phosphate balance.

This increases the calcium storage in the bones, which protects against diseases such as osteoporosis, especially in old age.

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