Sport Werder Bremen - Romans, Romans everywhere! - Sports

Werder Bremen – Romans, Romans everywhere! – Sports

The relationship between Werder and the powerful has long been hypothermic. Bremen currently feel that they are Gauls of the Bundesliga.

The sports journalists from Asterix and Obelix who have been handed down by name are the Greek Breathless, the Gote Überblik and the Roman Vivajuventus. Unfortunately, at most one of them would be accredited to restart the Bundesliga, the access restrictions are known to be strict. But where they would go is clear: Only in the Werder Bremen game against Leverkusen would they see real Gauls.

In fact, after another week of resistance, in which he had to play one against everyone, Frank Baumann, Werder’s sports director, said: “We are the little Gauls.” He wants this to be understood as a threat. The Bundesliga begins at a time that Bremen thinks is premature. You were ignored. Bremen, which borders on Lower Saxony everywhere, thinks it is surrounded by Romans because one or the other centurion Werder is harassing. The DFL for example. Or your own inner senator (yes, there were senators also in ancient Rome). Baumann promises to defend himself, even if after the hoped-for preservation of the class, the usual boar eating on the dykes of the Weser would have to be eliminated due to social distancing.

SV Werder has long maintained the myth of being a small but cunning club. The master of this art was the Gallic general Otto Rehhagel, known in Bremen as Otto I, because he won victory after victory with a troop of warhores and strange birds. That was about 50 BC. Chr. He was followed by the no less successful Sagenix Schaaf, that of the band Asterix and the silent one still has to be dedicated.

This story runs with small means, only the definition of “big” has changed. If it was all about titles, it would be a triumph, given the precarious situation today, to survive as an association and not to relegate. It would be the second Bremen double after winning the championship and cup in 2003/04. Werder enters the ghostly ghost games as seventeenth.

The relationship to power is hypothermic

Because of this life-threatening situation, they are understandably a bit touched, also historically. At least since the German Football Association left the application of the Weserstadion as a venue for the 2006 World Cup to be left behind, the relationship to power has cooled. On top of this came a tough dispute over police costs, which unintentionally brought the politics of your own city, the inner senator, into position against the association. The DFB even withdrew Bremen from an already promised international match and has not set foot in the city since then. The DFL, as the organization of the professional clubs, naturally rejected the Bremen proposal to share the costs in solidarity.

Then recently the Werder home game against Frankfurt, which was announced as a fan for the season sprint, was postponed indefinitely because of an announced hurricane in Salzburg that did not come. And because that wasn’t enough, the Romans sparked a pandemic. The Bremen senator promptly opposed ghost games when this was not yet decided, and the training conditions in liberal Bremen were treated more strictly during the corona isolation than anywhere else. The question of how the DFL would face the Bremen resistance was not for competitive reasons Answering itself on May 16, but only on May 23, answers itself: Werder was given a Monday game on May 18, which would have been a Monday game anyway.

So whoever will soon have an edition of Ligurian fanfare get their hands on it, should buy it. Colleague Vivajuventus will have a lot to report from the Gallic city of Bremen.



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