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Werder Bremen: Thomas Schaaf as savior? That’s what Frank Baumann says!

Bremen – No, Thomas Schaaf will not take a seat on the bench of SV Werder Bremen. But sports director Frank Baumann described the club legend as “advice for me and Florian Kohfeldt”.

Even closer than previously intended Thomas Schaa
fwho is at Werder Bremen As technical director, he primarily looks after the young talent center, but does not approach the professionals. The 59-year-old is familiar with it Relegation battle very well.

Werder Bremen: Does Thomas Schaaf take more responsibility in the crisis?

“Thomas could definitely help the coach and the team in this situation,” he said Wolfgang Rolff, who worked for many years as an assistant coach Thomas Schaaf worked in an interview with the DeichStube said. Explained when asked Frank Baumann: “It’s like in the past two years: we have a lot of exchanges. Thomas brings in his opinion and we incorporate that into our decision. ”

Was two years ago Thomas Schaafwho as a trainer with Werder Bremen 2004 had won the double, returned to the Osterdeich. Since then he has been working as technical director. Occasionally he appeared during the training of the professionals, then exchanged ideas Florian Kohfeldt out. The in turn reported that he would not ask Schaaf regularly, but at least from time to time for advice.

Thomas Schaaf saved Werder Bremen as successor to Felix Magath in 1999 from relegation

The coach could currently explain to him how he Werder Bremen 1999 as a fireman for the fired Felix Magath just before the almost certain descentsaved. 2013 was Thomas Schaaf then got into the relegation vortex with a team that was actually far too good, got the confidence from the management like Florian Kohfeldt before the Werder game against Freiburg until the end – and secured it before the end of the season Relegation. Nevertheless, the club announced the separation from Schaaf at the time – after 14 years of cooperation.

Schaaf was less lucky with Hannover 96. During the winter break of the 2015/16 season, he was hired as a rescuer, was at the table. but released before the end of the season. (knee)

As of May 21, 2020:

“Thomas Schaaf and Klopp could help Werder Bremen now”: Ex-Bremer Rolff wants consultants for Florian Kohfeldt

The SV Werder Bremen stumbles towards the second division – and Wolfgang Rolff does not understand why his ex-club is so resistant to it. The former assistant coach (2004 to 2013) holds Florian Kohfeldt still for the right coach, but recommends an advisor.

The 60-year-old thinks of his former boss Thomas Schaaf, who is now a technical director at Werder Bremen is working. In an interview with the DeichStube Rolff also explains why he fears that Kohfeldt could leave the green-whites himself in the summer.

Mr. Rolff, is Werder still going to be relegated?

If the team continues to play as despondent as against Leverkusen, the chances are very, very slim. I was really scared. Werder just waits to see what the opponent does. This can not go well. You have to stay true to your philosophy. At Florian Kohfeldt, it was always this great offensive football with which he was successful and which fits Werder so well. When we got into the relegation battle in 2013, we deliberately did not leave our line and thus managed to stay in the league.

But isn’t it understandable to think a little more defensively against a strong opponent like Leverkusen?

That’s why I can’t just wait at the center line and hide. No enemy is more afraid of Werder. It was clear that Leverkusen would score a goal at some point – especially if you consider Werder’s incredible weakness in standard situations. That’s why I have to take the book into my own hands if I want to get out of there. I expected that especially after the long break. But if you don’t see any changes at all before, it makes you think.

The Werder legend Rune Bratseth has demanded that Kohfeldt be released. Is that the solution?

No, I see it differently. If Florian Kohfeldt is the great coaching talent and practically no other coach suits Bremen, as Frank Baumann (Werder sports director, editor’s note) says, then he has to change now – or have it changed.

Werder Bremen: “Thomas Schaaf could definitely help the coach and the team now”

From whom?

For example, from his advisor Marc Kosicke. Kohfeldt must now say that he has to flip the switch again. And if Kosicke cannot do it himself, he has many well-known clients who could help him and Kohfeldt.

Who are you thinking of?

Jürgen Klopp has a little bit of time right now because there is still no playing in England. But Werder also has a very experienced trainer with whom you should speak now.

You mean Thomas Schaaf.

Exactly, Thomas could certainly help the coach and the team in this situation. I don’t know how to integrate him. He doesn’t have to sit on the bench right away. But it would be negligent not to include such a legend as a player and coach like Thomas Schaaf. But I don’t know if Thomas wants that at all – and of course Florian Kohfeldt has to do that too. I’m curious to see how things go with him anyway.


Werder has clearly said that they want to go to the second division with him, but does the Kohfeldt side want that too? Maybe Kosicke presents his trainer with completely new opportunities at other clubs after relegation. It’s like with players: Suddenly it tilts, and there is someone who didn’t want to leave, but then succumbed to the temptations of a better club. We experience that again and again in football. It would be hard for Werder because they put so much trust in this coach.

Werder Bremen: “It doesn’t always have to be the impulse to change coaches, but …”

Isn’t that why Werder’s path with Kohfeldt is too risky?

Not necessarily, especially since those responsible, who like Frank Baumann and Marco Bode (Chairman of the Supervisory Board) are very close, firmly believe in Kohfeldt. It doesn’t always have to be the impulse to change coaches that helps. But then there must at least be other impulses. So Thomas Schaaf, who in talks gives Florian Kohfeldt back the courage that made him so special. I lack this self-confidence, this aggressiveness, this absolute will to dominate and win games myself. At Kohfeldt, this cannot suddenly be completely gone.

Is the team well staffed to play so risky?

Why not? Werder invested a lot of money in the summer and wanted to go to the Europa League with this team. Then this group cannot be too bad for good offensive football and relegation. You just have to dare to play your football. If you don’t try it, you won’t get your confidence back. I would like Werder to go full throttle from the first minute in Freiburg and attack the opponent. Maybe the team will be flat after 70 minutes, maybe there will be no point, but the players will finally know that they can do it – and can then beat Mönchengladbach in the next game.

Former assistant coach Wolfgang Rolff is concerned about the future of SV Werder Bremen and is surprised at the reluctance of the club.

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About the person: Wolfgang Rolff

Wolfgang Rolff has experienced a lot in football. As a player, he won the German championship and the European Champion Clubs’ Cup with Hamburger SV in 1983, and the UEFA Cup with Bayer Leverkusen in 1988. In 1986, the midfielder with Germany became vice world champion. From 2004 to 2013 he was Thomas Schaaf’s assistant coach at SV Werder and won the DFB Cup in 2009. Rolff also worked with Schaaf in Frankfurt and Hanover, but in the meantime he also worked in Azerbaijan, Kuwait and China. The 60-year-old lives in Cologne, has a scouting company and is thinking about further coaching adventures in Asia.


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